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  1. So, I am just a support Linden, and I don't have all the answers - we are adjusting to these changes too. But I know other Lindens will be reading these forums and chiming in as well. And, as Grumpity said, we really are open to feedback. @Pamela Galli your account type is Basic then, to the best of my knowledge, that will most likely determine your group membership cap as well as your offline IM cap - but you can still receive all of your offline IMs by checking the box to receive IMs via email. If you do not know how to do this, we support folks are happy to walk you through it. And if
  2. While that is certainly something to consider, there is not currently a way to do that.
  3. No, residents won't automatically lose 7 groups when the change takes effect. They just won't be able to join anymore groups if the are over 35. Or, if they were at 42, they would have to drop to 34 to add another one.
  4. Hi! So, I am very afraid of pitchforks - please be gentle. I just wanted to briefly address groups maths. It's true that the groups of Basic accounts are being lowered by 7, and the groups of Premium accounts are being raised by 10 - and if you look at that math alone, it might not seem to add up. However, most residents have at least one alt. Technically, you can have up to 5 alts, and many residents are not entirely limited by that technicality. But let's you had one Premium Membership and 4 Basic alts - the number of groups you could have on your main account would go up by 10, but the
  5. Kat Linden


    Guys.... now I can't delete it 🙂
  6. Hi, Fionalein, Sorry! I'm not PR, just regular support - I happened to be working on this specific issue, and the residents above indicated that they would like an update, so I provided one. Enjoy your Second Life! Kat Linden Concierge Support Specialist Linden Lab
  7. Hi, guys! Just wanted to let you all know that physics have been re-enabled in Ranunculus. We are cautiously optimistic that this issue is resolved. Thanks, Kat Linden Concierge Support Specialist Linden Lab
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