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  1. There is some Second Life content, and system behaviour, which is of doubtful legality in other countries, and vice versa. A giant economy-size can of worms is in the post.
  2. We do have a Status warning for Rolling Restarts for Second Life RC Channels for Wednesday, May 12th, at the usual 7am time.
  3. Using Linux, so I doubt I can give any useful specific advice, but even back in my Windows days it was worth checking through the whole chain of sound settings to be sure that the output from a particular program was getting to the right place. If you can play a music file you know something is working, but is Firestorm (or whatever program you're struggling with) trying to use the same something?
  4. I can confirm that regions have rolled. The good thing is that it seems to have happened quickly. It looks as though all regions are now on 2021-04-21.558586 No obvious reason for a special routine, though Saturday was National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day. So what went wrong so that we didn't even get the warning on Status?
  5. They are taking inspiration from Douglas Adams: "It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard'."
  6. It is frustrating, but they're likely not linked to any publicly acknowledged bug. It could still be linked to the changes brought about by the Cloud Uplift. And it's going to be an interesting test of how the map responds. We can watch a couple of hundred mainland regions, and expect to notice some going down for the restart. But can I trust the announced timing? Yesterday, Tuesday, there were a small number of RC restarts, a bit of tidying up. The Status message said starting at 7am, but the completion message was posted just before 4am. Did the system run on the usual Tuesday timing? I can understand that sort of goof, but if they don't admit to it, can we trust them? I know a region did restart at 3.22am, which suggests it is on the RC channel, but can I be sure? If I were organising an event, and we're not all in California, how do I avoid being hit by a restart? I am a little picky about time. It feels odd to be using PDT without labelling it. The restarts are supposed to begin at 2021-04-28T14:00:00Z and I had a bit of a scare at the beginning of this month when I saw Linden Lab use a US-format date string for the 4th of June.
  7. I am wondering if the affected regions were on the RC channels, because the Status page does show them getting restarts. It's a little odd, because some are happening on the 27th, Tuesday, and there is a routine-style message for the 28th, Wednesday. Maybe you can keep track of whether a particular region is RC or not if you pay attention to the sim version it is running, and make a note, but it's not so good n answer. The Linden Mushroom Farm must be very successful.
  8. OK, the map is back. Region crossing is mostly good. But, as I work through landmarks, I find a lot of airfields have vanished. And there are places where usable routes are a bit hard to find. Heterocera feels a bit empty of airfields. Riddings and Lapara are still there. I've not found anything further north. Similarly, with Jeogeot, several of the southernmost airfields look to have gone, and most are on the edges of the Jeogeot Gulf. If you use the Stilt/Log transition as a zero point on the map. it looks as though the southern Jeogeot cluster is the loner flight. Heterocera is surprisingly close. Gaeta Airport Club in Lenimov is still the furthest out for the Eastern Continents. I have made a couple of long flights. The big problem, if you want to use that option, is refuelling locations. I don't have a fix for that, and I have never felt the urge to struggle with it, even though I know if matters. (I think there are a couple of Ju-52 transports, and the real plane could never have made the flights depicted in the movie "Where Eagles Dare") There are airstrips on the Bellisseria continent, but all the ones I know of are in the NW, and it's a long way from Costner Bay to the start of Satori. Flying boats, I suppose, if you want to take a break. It's a bit like the railway situation across Bellisseria. Rez zones are a bit too sparse, and they seem to be set very early in the working sequence for new regions
  9. I have been thinking of abandoning my ancient Tahoe home and moving the Belliseria, and finding out about the choices is a bit confusing. For example, the only Covenant I can be sure of is the one applied to my current home, which was last changed in 2010, and I know Belliseria has some extra rules. I would have thought there would be a web page, but all the Lindens seem to be able to do is tell you that you can read it when you have a Belliseria home. I must have missed something, but it feels legally dodgy that you can't easily read the contract before you accept it. Anyway, with all the different themes, and the different homes within each theme, the information feels horribly scattered. There needs to be a good, maintained, index, which gets added to when a new theme appears. Too often Linden Lab fails to amend existing pages when something new is introduced, Page B amends page A, and links to it, but start from page A and there is no sign page B exists. An example of outdated info: I am told in the covenant I can only use up to 10m prims, no megaprims. Which I can see makes sense for the days before the current 64m limit was introduced, but now? To be honest, it doesn't help that I am not in a North American time zone. It looks as though new Home regions are released late afternoon in California, and where I am it is a time when I am tucked up warm in bed. In the end, I may just grab a piece of conventional mainland. But some of the low-cost locations look as though they have awkward neighbours. And some of the prices set for on-sale land look as though somebody fell asleep while holding down the "9" key.
  10. With the in-world map working, maybe not 100% but usable, I reckon this is one of the good weeks, It's nice when nothing happens.
  11. There has been slow improvement. Some of the areas which vanished as you zoomed out are now visible for longer. It looks like more maptiles have been generated, and there may be some sort of caching done in the viewer.
  12. There has been a big improvement to the map. A few regions still have significant zoom problems, but the maptile gaps have been filled. There are still a few glitches.
  13. Current status is good. The only regions still showing major zoom problems are Northern Heterocera and Zindra. The maptile gaps for the Second Norway extension and the north-east of Bellisseria to Satori have been fixed, though there are a few glitches. This weekend's group trips should be workable over most of the Grid. I am not expecting anything to change over the weekend.
  15. We're talking about some rule on individual residents putting an unfair load on a server, and, based on the enforcement of other rules applying to Second Life, I am doubtful. I can't clear from my mind thoughts of R v Sussex Justices, ex parte McCarthy ([1924] 1 KB 256, [1923] All ER Rep 233), which is the case that gives us "Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done." So we report a griefer, get an automatic acknowledgement, and never hear anything more. Not even an "insufficient evidence". We have rules for what we can do in Second Life. Who can we trust to enforce them? The rest, as the Bard said, is silence.
  16. I did some sailing around Sansara. Some of the currently available map tiles are out of date again. Some blank areas have names, and are fully accessible, not just the recently opened "Chalet" area that completes the link to Satori. Some of the names are placeholders. I am sometimes seeing blatantly out-of-date map tiles in that particular area The inference is that generating/updating of the map tiles is still not working.
  17. And now I am not so sure. It's hard telling with the map as it is, but I saw the server-down tint appear for one of those regions, and I have seen no sign of any others being down. If it were a general main-channel thing... No, it doesn't fit.
  18. I am not at all sure, but I have been in two regions that had restart messages at 6:56 and 7:39 this morning, so it feels likely that something is happening.
  19. There's better forums/threads to find out, but the short answer is NO! It's not just chalet regions that aren't shown.
  20. I rarely use voice. And it can get messy sometimes, at the "Who said that!" level. Which is why one place I frequent keeps it switched off. But the Digital Cultures project did work out answers. It partly depended on the people involved being polite and civilised. Voice users and text users were able to work together. Digital Cultures is winding down, people concentrating on the RL Academic side. The meetings worked pretty well. On what I have seen over the years, they're in a different world to Linden Lab.
  21. I've visited the Chalet regions, and I am tempted, but time-zone differences and map problems, it doesn't feel worth the hassle.
  22. I know a little about the history of password use, and people still say "Don't write your password down!" without realising the context that come from. It was advice for the sort of office worker who would write their password on a post-it note and stick it to their monitor. No security at all. I have a notebook which I keep in a safe place. The computer-based password managers have some use, but how safe are they? This avoids the computer-world risks. And it may be a worthwhile solution in the example you give. Perhaps the key point is who is in control. It's not a third-party solution.
  23. I am not sure, but an example that comes to mind is the "Get The Freight out" game. Which has a lot of delivery and pick-up points scattered across the map. They have a routine for updates, taking effect once a week and run their own server. The current hub list is here. GTFO Hub Location List I don't play the game much at the moment, mapping and region crossing problems, and it feels tedious at higher levels. They have ways of putting standard markers on the Linden map, but until it starts updating properly... I am not sure whether reliable Linden updates or a third-party system is the answer.
  24. Hush Hush, don't remind them. I want a quiet day.. And LL might learn something from all the monitoring tweaks they don't talk about.
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