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  1. It's called Lena2, by Monso. Here is the Flickr ad for it. The product comes with a texture HUD to get the same cap design he has on.
  2. I don't know the jacket, but the blogger's name is Neva Seljan. She's been a blogger for like a decade, but it seems her flickr and webpage is only showing posts from 2021. You might be able to ask her.
  3. Its an old skybox from Pixel Mode. The store closed a while ago, and removed all items from their market place.
  4. It's called Ceres Braids, by Camo. Here is the flickr ad.
  5. Perhaps it might be better and more appropriate to allow the person seeking a photographer to review the examples themselves, and make their own decision.
  6. I would try Contraption. Here is a flickr link to one of the ads for a cyber arm.
  7. Moon has a hair very similar to this. Here is a link to the flickr ad for it.
  8. I believe that is by zenith. Here is a flickr link to the one it looks like.
  9. Looks like front blow, from the hairplay gacha set by Tableau Vivant. Here is a flickr link to the ad.
  10. Been looking for this type if information. Thanks jude!
  11. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Nutmeg-Old-Wooden-Boat-Set/15916694
  12. #Foxy, it's called fallen. https://flic.kr/p/2bvo76g Link to the flickr ad.
  13. Looking for this jeweled top. I sent the model a message on SL, but haven't gotten a response. Please let me know if you recognize it. Thanks!
  14. Wasn't the kit information shared after she said that? I'm almost certain that statement was made 5 days later.
  15. That is the comparision I made, yes. Is it the best ever? No. Take care.
  16. What I get, is that you don't approve of her choices, or mine, and believe that it will kill us both, and it's 'practically' suicide. I think it's fine to have that opinion. I personally do not approve of people feeding their children sugar or caffeine, but it's a pretty common practice. It's very unhealthy, and gearing kids towards unhealthy, obese eating habits is equal to murder if you think views on food intake is a direct response to mental illness. I only mention this very broad subject (I don't agree that is makes them murders, it's just an example) because you shouldn't draw the conclusion that 'All people who give their kids processed sugars want their children to be overweight and die.' The range of people is varied, and the reasons, just as diverse. The pool of people in that group, and in the Ana group, probably cannot be accurately put into a category of 'suicidal' or 'homicidal'. It just seems silly to group and label people in this manner, then to make aggressive comments on it. As you said, only part of those who observe an Ana lifestyle, feel condemned to it by a mental illness. (And I do feel sorry and recommend help to anyone who feels they don't have the choice or self-control to stop at any time.) I'm not supporting her decision, because I don't have enough information from her to know if it was a choice. And neither does anyone else, unless they messaged her in world. I do however, encourage a more open mind about such a lifestyle. If so many people can think it's okay to consume processed sugars and alcohol, certainly the same mindset should be applied to being Pro-Ana or Mia. I've been judged hard about my life choice to be this way, and I must admit, that it times it does hurt my feelings for people to discuss my choices as if I'm sick, and automatically assume I'm mentally damaged. Even if people think she is sick or mentally ill, I'm surprised by the coarse and harsh responses in the thread. If people really think she's damaged and sick, I would have liked to see more sensitivity, rather than just a cold 'you're wrong'. But, that is what we open ourselves up to when we talk about ourselves online. Not everyone is going to be considerate. And same to you! Hope the weather treats you well.
  17. You shouldn't assume she's suicidal, or anyone else for that matter. I'm not suicidal, and I live an Ana life. So based on what I know and have experienced, since I can't directy speak of her life, is that your assumption is inaccurate. Is suicide a lifestyle? I'm going to say no, because when you're dead, you're not having much a life. I can't really respond to the rest, since you have drawn the conculsion that people who live Ana, are all suicidal.
  18. Yes, when you take it out of context to the rest of the thread responses, sure. It only means that.
  19. I also define Ana and Mia as lifestyle choices, so she's not completely insane or stupid for having that opinion.
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