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  1. 2 minutes ago, Orwar said:

       Virtual Private Network, it's a tool through which you route your connection to mask your online activity, among other things. It's often used by people who wish to access content that has been regionally disabled (or regional-specifically enabled) such as certain YouTube content, news media and such - as well as by pirates who don't want the caught by the authorities. It may sound dodgy, but, it really isn't; a lot of people have them without doing anything shady online. And as far as I know, they're entirely legal even in 'the land of the free'. 

    Friggin beat me to it. :P

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  2. Can someone tell me the difference between Sculpting and Meshing? In the 3D Modeling world we don't use these terms. I went to actual college for Game Design, not once did we use either of these terms. We used the term Modeling, or Model.

  3. Well hello beauitfulllll. "chaosninja7" in-world (Yuki Yume). I'm down to try, if your still looking.

    1 hour ago, Haley1Grace said:

    Hello everyone,  I am looking for a  mature male for a possible relationship if we have that chemistry of course :)

    I am in SL a single lady ( I use that word lady to describe myself) Now, I meet many people but so far none have been

    my type, and most are too young. I am not a child ,am a mature woman with respect for self and others.  I am 40 btw

    My avi is all mesh,. bento head, AO, so wish to meet someone that cares enough about himself to have a nice look. 

    Having said all that I realize its not how one looks as much as who they are, and how they treat others that is most important.

    Also, please no free loaders, I  have an account but do not wish to carry the complete load of all the cost. Think its fair to share.

    But, getting ahead of myself here,  of course I have to meet you , and we both have to like one another. 

    Really, age is not important, as long as you are a  mature man that can carry on a conversation about many things, I am a lady 

    that loves to converse over many topics. I  love good soft music, am a romantic at heart ( does not mean jumping in bed right off)

    If you are interested ,,,,, please send an im to Haley1Grace. I go by Haley


    I am on Eastern time zone that is SL plus 3




    Have a wonderful day or night ,,,, hope to hear soon , warm smile :)


  4. 2 hours ago, Garnet Psaltery said:

    People who think in the long-term might consider it a good option, bearing in mind that the bulk of that price is investment in future savings.  Apart from that it's worth being aware that grandfathered regions are a diminishing commodity.  If one is abandoned, or the buyer doesn't want to pay the higher transfer fee, the grandfathering advantage is lost for ever.

    What advantages do Grandfathered Region provide? To my knowledge they don't considering the cheaper prices nowadays. I'm curious, not being a meanie.

  5. On 1/6/2018 at 4:58 PM, chaosninja7 said:

    Due to activity on SalemWhiteraven's thread, I have decided to write a in-depth overview of House Vakii'el and what we are, to clear any confusion the best that I can.

    Note: House Vakii'el is part of a larger Role-play called "Land of Monova RP".

    House Vakii'el is one of the 6 Great Houses of Monova. The race of Monovian is that similar to LoTR Elves, but less arrogant and act more like humans. They are ageless so they can not die via age, but disease and being slain can still kill them. House Vakii'el represents the element of Fire out of the 6 Great Houses. Their culture similarity is Feudal Japan, and the Head of House is title "Sou'Ka" or "First Head" (A custom elven language has been developed specifically for this universe, so other elven languages are gibberish.)

    House Vakii'el are masters of War and are the most feared (in terms of combat) out of ALL Great Houses, because going to War with House Vakii'el is seen as suicide due to their reputation of Ferocity and being ruthless. Their house motto is "Through the Ashes." and it serves as both a warning and a battlecry. (For example, "House Vakii'el will prevail against them, through the ashes of their enemies"). Since this House is that of Fire, they can bend said element to their will. Their most advanced elite are taught Lightning Generation to be able to produce bolts of Lightning.

    Current Leadership

    • House Sou'Ka (First Head): Kodia Vakii'el (chaosninja7)
    • House Dai'Ka (Second Head (Heir): - - -
    • House Sou'Ja (Head's Spouse): - - -
    • House Warrior Corps Ji'Tai (Commander): - - -
    • House Scout Corps Ji'Tai (Commander): - - -

    DISCORD SERVER https://discord.gg/htT8mHP



  6. Hello, 

    A friend and I are trying to purchase and then maintain a Full Region sim ($249/m) but currently need more funding. Those who wish to help us financially will receive Admin positions on Sim. Currently this is planned to be a Bleach rp sim as they are none to our knowledge.

    For more info contact us in-world OR on discord.

    Founder: "chaosninja7"(Yuki Yume) - Discord: Yuki Yume#0460

    Co-Founder: "xTasteOfSin Resident" (Mizuki Hoohana) - Discord: Tempest/ChaosReign#5365

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