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  1. 1 minute ago, Kyrah Abattoir said:

    There is an expression very well known in the programmer world: Garbage in, garbage out.

    RIGHT. If people don't give time and effort then trash is produced. Time wasted. When i create for SL i make sure to check my stuff and take my time, and if i don't know something then i research.

  2. On 9/4/2014 at 2:20 AM, Etalia Cristole said:

    Who came up with these standard mesh sizes?  XXS is NOT XXS.  I guess the majority of this world is now overly fat and so apparently we all have to be in the virtual world too.  My AV is 5'7" tall and 118 lbs according to a body scanner in a high end developers store; that's not an abnormal size, in fact it's 6 lbs under ideal weight for that height by Dep of Health standards.  Apparently though in second life it's even smaller than XXS mesh as every single piece I try makes my ass look huge.  I adjust sliders but it doesn't matter, mesh clothing is made for fat asses.

    There has always been an issue in SL with the average height of people being 8+ feet tall [most people have no idea they are unnaturally tall in SL, as it's the norm and I blame LL for not putting a hight in numbers on the slider], but this new giant ass trend is terrible.  Every piece of mesh clothing is made for giant asses and disgustingly large breasts.  I'm sorry if I don't find stretchmark ridden giant balls of flabby fat on my chest and ass attractive, but if you want my $L it's time to start developing clothes for non-fatass avatars.  



    So disgusted.  I am done shopping in SL, I will keep my money thanks.  I leave second life for a year and come back to empty sims, great clubs all shut down, most AAA devs all gone, items with script errors that now don't get updated because most of the great devs have left, and all of my LM's to once packed sims no longer work.  The virtual world now feels like the final days of an MMO game.  All the money spent, time put in to make a perfectly proportional avatar, and these mesh abominations are what we get for "standard" sizes?  Keep your mesh clothes, I will keep my normal sized (jagged) ass which LL should have fixed years ago before people gave up waiting and jumped ship.  

    Full mesh bodies are even more of a joke, with their giant asses and flawed implementation [Qarl's mesh deformer project ignored instead they use some garbage system of "standard" sizes].  I understand how mesh works and why regular clothes don't play nice, but why am I going to spend the outrageous kind of money these mesh clothing devs are asking to re-buy all of my outfits when non-backwards compatible SL 2.0 is six months from beta and about a year away from release?  To make my ass huge?  No thanks, mesh hands/feet added to normal/prim clothing is good enough until SL 2.0 comes out.  

    I have such a love hate relationship with SL, and the love is waning like the world itself.  What happened to you Second Life?  2007 Was my first AV and in 2009 I made this one; I have seen the virtual world peak in 2009-2010 and then start crashing down.  I had a prem membership for years to try and support LL with development costs.  With all the amazing things that have been added, it still feels like a patchwork mess.  I hope LL learned their lesson and SL 2.0 fixes these issues.  Not holding my breath.

    Now all i see these days personally is Obese women avatar's with ant sized hands that can't even hold a pencil. I personally hate it and try to make my avatar with fantasy portions. And i don't mean big everything. I mean anatomically portioned sexiness.

  3. On 1/20/2019 at 1:23 PM, OptimoMaximo said:

    - SL should upgrade to the (self proclaimed) "relevant standards" so that we can import anything with no restrictions / what's this BS called optimization

    This. I agree. SL is not "optimized" worth a DAMN. LL doesn't care about SL anymore, why else did they make the other crap called Sansar if they've given up hope on SL? Personally i would of helped fund/support SL upgrades/optimize over Sansar funding ANYDAY.

  4. 3 hours ago, MiakisTheUsagi said:


    [GA.EG] Mia 2.0 Bento Mesh Head
    [GA.EG] Mia Bento Gap Teeth
    .tsg. Vanity Eyes v2 - Ice Blue
    [^.^Ayashi^.^] Aizawa hair(Rigged)
    Meshmerized - Tweenster Shape - Default head. Edited for the GA.EG Mia Head and Avi(L) Mesh Body
    (Enfer Sombre*) Catwa/Omega Applier - Porcelain - Baby Skin

    I flippin love Ayashi hairs. ♥

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  5. 4 hours ago, ShibariKate said:

    wonderful picture. i wonder if this might be influenced by an Anime. my children have me hooked on one called Ge ge No Kitaro, and this makes me think of that Anime

    this was more influenced by Ahri from League of Legends.

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