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  1. Thank you for your hollow reply)
  2. I usually don't count money in the pockets of other people and what they spend, I just care about my money, that does not prevent me just ask a question without a negative ) I could not think that this question and discussion can cause allergies LOL. In any case, I appreciate your time and response)
  3. Thanks for the comments and clarification. I heard each of you and took note . Please remember that in some countries people do not have a high income, but it's just a comment . I didn't ask to evaluate my expectations . Just asking a question, you can get the updates of Avastin or not. I realized ... no. About Bastioni, I can use it in place of Avastin in full for clothes or poses or avatar ? And what are the benefits of avastan? I would like to hear on the merits, and not compare prices. ( Bastioni free)
  4. One person bought and I was surprised that Avastan was not able to upgrade to Bento. Does this mean that he needs to buy again avastan you? Yes, I would like to buy, but the fact that he has not received the update upset me, and I think it's not fair, is not the point of the upgrade for those who already bought Avastar for good money. So the crux of the matter.... if a new version of Avastan, I will get the update and what to do to the person who purchased Avastan a few years ago, he can get a Bento Avastan update ?((((
  5. Thanks, but I can't understand, I completely cleared the avatar ... nothing but the shell of the starting image, so AO should be disabled any animation at all ... and yet it did not give a good result. In any case, Your comment is very useful for me and my experience in SL.
  6. I deleted all the animation and reset to the original avatar image, Just a blank avatar, cleared cache and reinstalled firestorm. I used the script to fix the form, and all that did not help . Again and again I clicked on the deformer, and after I the command to sit , the avatar began to work well. Thanks to everyone who wrote comments and a big thanks to my partner for his care)
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