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  1. RisQue ~AfterDark is a recently opened high scale Gentlemen's Club. We are looking to recruit dancers, escorts, hostesses etc. For an application, stop by the club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mystery Caye/73/62/35 or, contact the owners TeriAnnLewis or xXMyneXx
  2. New Club Risque ~AfterDark is currently looking to recruit: Dancers, Hosts/hostesses, Escorts, and DJ Staff must be able/willing to voice verify You will work for 100% tips. Come take a look http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mystery Caye/81/52/35 For detailed information, and application, please contact TeriAnnLewis
  3. New Club, RisQue ~AfterDark, is hiring NOW! Looking for Hosts/Hostesses, Dancers (Male and Female), Greeters, Escorts (Male and Female - must be willing to voice verify) We need Applicants to be at least 60 days old. We are looking for both male & female staff. You will work for 80% of your tips. If you're interested, Drop a notecard with times and days that you would be available and we will arrange an interview with you! We are looking forward to meeting you. please contact : TeriAnnLewis Or xXMyneXx come check out the club http://maps.secondlife.
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