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  1. Indeed. I just go in with a mostly-honest approach. I keep things in-world, and don't actively say anything, but I don't hide either. If anyone seems like they are convinced I'm female and that looks like something of particular importance to them, I make sure they look at my profile. Rather than directly state 'I'm a guy', which would break the simulation and immersion, and derail any conversation ongoing, discreetly pointing them at my profile where the fact is subtly mentioned. If it looks like everyone around me couldn't give a flying crap whether I'm male or female, then I just prefer to stay quiet. I'm not harming anyone, not even looking for romance or virtual sex so as long as I just do my own thing, my own way, I should avoid getting into any uncomfortable situations. That said, I'm not planning to stick to any cookie-cutter definition of my avatar's self. I'm a straight guy, and thus my avatar's a lesbian, but if some guy wants to play (fully informed, of course) then whatever. it's only pixels. I'd be making sure 'it's only pixels' is a mutual opinion, though. Like I said, I'm not looking for romance, and will avoid it where I can.
  2. Well... Hate to hijack the complaint thread with only a related matter, but I'm looking to become a dancer for a bit in SL. I know the money's not good, but ultimately a job is a job, right? I want to avoid escorting/similar, partially due to all of the above. At the end of the day, it's either come forward immediately and ruin the experience for the other player and myself, or hide and feel like crap for essentially messing with someone's enjoyment. I mean sure, there's going to be a market for people to do things virtually and make money while in full knowledge and consent that the one or both is not necessarily physically similar to their avatar, right? If so, I suppose I could go join that market. OTOH, I'm a bit more classy than that, so it's not really up my street. Would prefer to dance, where it doesn't matter. Would rather be working in a place, just having a laugh with the clientele and enjoying the music without any sexual connotations at all. Beyond that, I'd prefer to be seen as a SLesbian, rather than a G.I.R.L, since one of those terms focuses hard on the fact that I'm a dude, while the other focuses on the fact that my avatar is a pretty lady, while it doesn't matter much that I might in fact not be. So if anyone knows a place in SL where I can get some form of employment, is upmarket and classy enough to suit my taste in venue, and is willing to either embrace my RL parts or just not want to know, please feel free to say so here. I'm not trans, just complicated. I wanted to join a very successful and well-known club chain earlier, that would have been so perfect for me (great DJs I get on well with, and clientele I mingle with all the time... These people love me) except there's a 'must be the same gender as your avi' requirement, so yeah I kinda had to write that idea off. Their loss? Not really, because I'm still going to be a regular face on the dancefloor tipping the DJs and inspiring long lines of lols. There are no hard feelings, on my part. I understand the reasons, and I'm also not one to try to dictate to people how to run their own businesses, especially when those businesses are successful partly down to the policies that didn't quite work out for me. But ultimately, if I'm going to be among the fun-bringers, I'd prefer to be paid for it than pay for it . You never know, if I hang around this chain long enough, they might start begging me to join instead of having me respond to a call-out, in which case I can just say they're gonna need a change of policy, or at the very least make an exception (but that wouldn't be fair on all the actual women who had to verify, or the probably countless guys who got turned down because of being G.I.R.Ls, so I vote against exception). So I'm looking for a different place to work. Still gonna have my fun where I already have it.
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