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  1. EleanorSt

    Physics issue

    Yes and yes @Kyrah Fix for me is just not to hit simplify, it just seems to take my physics model and bork it for some reason. Thanks guys
  2. EleanorSt

    Physics issue

    Fix, I think - On uploading in the physics screen, don't hit simplify as that seems to break it. Without that the model works perfectly.
  3. EleanorSt

    Physics issue

    Hey guys, I have a question about physics models, it's been a few months since I last uploaded a model. The physics model feature used to work for me more or less, but now if I upload a model, it basically completely ignores any physics model, and acts like a phantom piece. Did something change? My model is an apartment, with a simplified physics model to make the walls collision mesh, when I upload it, the outer walls are collidable...from the outside only. I can walk straight through the walls from the inside, but not get back in. All of the interior walls are completely phantom, n
  4. Hey guys, I'm having trouble finding any useful information about rigging clothing to the slink avatar. I tried the slink support site, and got a video that was a few years out of date, and requiring a 40 dollar plug in with blender, avastar. I use 3ds max, have no idea how to use blender,though grudgingly prepared to learn if needed, but can't afford to shell out on 40 dollar plug ins at this time. Is there anyone who knows how to work with the slink kit, minus avastar? Thanks Eleanor
  5. Shouldn't be, it was attached to a whole system, but will double check that.
  6. Also centred at origin
  7. Thanks Berksey. The origin is set at the centre, and I've tried the whole thing from the beginning export wise again, so that wasn't it
  8. Hey guys, I've created mesh clothing, weighted it, fitted it, all works perfectly as intended. I then attempted to get a mesh avatar going, and ran into a problem. Though the avatar uploaded without issue, when I try to attach it, instead of fitting to my body like the mesh clothing did, its hovering off in the distance like an attachment on an invisible selfie stick. Where am I going wrong? Please help! Thanks Eleanor
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