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  1. If it is relatively simple poses/animations I could probably make them for you in-game with anypose which will save you buying a fairly expensive package for the sake of a couple poses, your avi in the seat, u can guide me as to what you want. be aware anypose does not have the full range of movement or accurate positioning you will get in blender, but it might be 'good enough'. If it turns out it's good enough, would appreciate some help with blender/avastar, i'm at the point of giving up with it haha, i have a feeling an experienced user would be able to guide me thru it (preferabl
  2. U-poser lets u lease for a weekly fee, that's only a couple hundred LS off top of my head so you can give it a go for little outlay, if you want to message me in SL I can show you anypose in action which may help give you a better idea of it? Fair warning, I'm likely to pick your brains in blender/avastar I am having so many problems just getting started with it. EDIT: for that particular problem doesn't AVsitter deal with that?
  3. Thanks Erwin, I have been working with anypose the last few days, I am finding some limitations (this is not a slight on what it is, for an inworld tool I think it is very good) but those limitations aside, I like that I can see exactly how my sized avatar and partner's are going to look. Last two afternoons managed to make a rug with individual poses, a few cuddles for two and three people, and with AVsitter (which was also new to me) made a menu with categories, so feeling happy about progress so far Next step is some simple animations, and I can se myself as I develop perhaps using an
  4. Ah I see, I wish I'd read this before purchasing avastar haha, yes, you were correct in your earlier guess I thought I could basically transfer my body (maiterya lara with v-tech chest add-on) including dimensions into blender, same with partners, and get it working in there. am I right in thinking I'll have to guestimate our sizes in blender to as close an approximation as I can, and a bit of bouncing back and forth to see how it works in SL? (I do use firestorm btw) I've joined the avastar SL group, and I have a ton of videos and tutorials from the avastar site so I guess I'l
  5. Oh I have a mesh body, I am not new to SL as such. The FS is a good tip At this stage I am doing primarily for myself, I have a male 'femboi' shape, my partner is a little taller, all m/f poses (naturally) assume the male is bigger so they never look right, we can swap roles but then my partner looks masculine in her poses not feminine. We also want to make the 'intimate' poses more sensual and affectionate than most which we find to be a bit uhm... 'rough'. That all may be tmi haha, but basically, am doing them for us first, if others have similar needs will sell, bu
  6. I had a quick look, and I think it's something I can manage, while anypose is good for what it does, i;m already hitting limitations in range of movement i hadn't expected, so i do think i need to get to grips with avastar. could I ask you, is it possible to make the avi in avastar/blender match dimensions of a sl avatar? One thing i like about anypose is i can see exactly how any pose will match me, and more importantly, my partner if we are in a cuddle pose etc.
  7. Thanks very much for suggestions, after posting this I was speaking to a friend who advised that anypose (animation edition) U-poser (lease to own option is great) and AV sitter would probably be simpler for me to get started with, as experience and confidence builds then to look at the more advanced stuff. As I have fairly simple needs (and a simple mind to mact XD) at this stage I think this is probably the way to go. Thanks again for quick replies
  8. Hi all, I am looking into making animations for SL. This is mainly for myself and friends, I have no illusions about making an instant business I know this is a difficult question to answer, so gut feelings are fine, but how much blender knowledge is required as well as avastar, ie would taking on a learning curve of two systems be too much for 'average user'. I am reasonably competent in learning most computer programs, things like photoshop, music creation/sequencing programs etc, but by no means a technical wizard, I have a basic understanding of animation and think the concepts
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