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  1. We are looking to sell our land which is a great location, off of the blake sea, and right on Route 8.

     Did not want to sell this land, but unfortunately we are looking to move near a friend. We paid much more than we are asking for this great land.

    -Already has BUILT UP TRAFFIC, perfect for commercial

    -Blake Sea Sky Access,

    -Blake Sea Water Access (very close to the water,through NHA)

    -Roadside Access to ROUTE 8

    -Connected to SL's Famous Airport (New Horizons Airport)

    -GTFO Aircraft & Ground Vehicles Location

    17792 SQM

    6,108 Land Impact (prims)

    continent: Satori


    Priced to sell! 

    Any questions, please IM

    Jimbo Seoung




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