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  1. Oh yes! If he does indeed go ahead with the DMCA, I will file a counter-notification. I've assembled my proof and files according to the site, just in case. I strongly believe that I have more then enough evidence to prove my case. I doubt he will be able to go any further with it. I know LL doesn't tell you, but I do wonder if once the object is reinstated would there then be any action taken against his account, or if it is just considered a settled argument. That may be my bitter side talking though.
  2. Thank you both for your advice. I will bake on for a few days and probably try to settle with him. At lest I can say that I have learned a lot about the process, for good and bad. Take Care ^^
  3. Ha, well as least I know I wasn't being dramatic calling it blackmail. What you said is all truth though. I probably can't afford to fight for "What is morally right". It frightens me to think that if people see this type of coercion actually works then they can use it over and over to screw the people who work at creating nice environments for Second Life as well as other platforms. >.< Maybe i'll just take up knitting.
  4. Thank you Innula and Nalates. I'm starting to feel a bit less stressed. Oddly enough. I am a bit concerned about my account being flagged for a take down as this can lead to account removal. I don't have any flags and would prefer to keep it that way ^^. Would it make any sense to go ahead and file a counter DMCA with all the evidence and a location of where the two items are set up side by side? I dread having to retain a lawyer. Thank you again ^^
  5. Hello, Several years ago myself and another resident created a 3D representation of a fan art illustration found on google. He built one base part and I built the rest. Last month I decided to have another crack at a more detailed version in mesh with many alterations. The person I had worked with in the past contacted me and not too pleasantly threatened to DMCA me and have me banned if I did not split any income with him. He claims he has ownership of the work because he built one small part of it 5 years ago and that I have copybotted him etc, even though the new one was built in Blender from scratch. Does he have any claims on it? If not, does Linden Labs investigate the work before they flag you and remove the content or do I have to take the hit and counter it with the proof? Sorry if this is a poorly executed description of my question, i'm a bit tired. Thank you for any help. =)
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