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  1. I suppose I should clarify this better, and since i couldn't edit the original post I will have to just reply to it. What I'm looking for is an honest and loyal SL partner, someone who can be a friend as well as a companion. I enjoy the whole family building aspect of SL and would love to explore it again with the right person. As in maybe more if the person interested was interested in RL and stars aligned just right maybe, but just added that in mainly because I put myself into my SL self so sometimes feelings can happen if that makes sense. Anyway if anyone is interested in discussing it mo
  2. I am getting back into SL, and now am going to start looking for a partner again, to have fun exploring the world, and potentially building up something interesting. If you might me interested feel free to message me on here or SL. Robert Grant (lowridingorilla)
  3. I am looking for a part-time person capable of helping me with the running of day to day operations and other tasks associated with running a sim. This will involve completing tasks such as basic property management, dictation, HR, and other secretarial work just to help take the workload off of me, to allow me to focus on more projects. The position will be paid based off of how much work is needed and the person's capabilities with opportunity for promotion within the community. If you are interested and/or want to find out more details on this position feel free to contact me in world
  4. Avalon county is starting to look for new role players interested in both a fire and ems role play environment. We currently are setting up a fire academy location to help in training and adjusting new players in how to properly rp in the sl world in emergency scenarios in both a fun and relaxed environment. Right now we are beginning to seek players interested in becoming a part of our fire department and eventually even become instructors and other important roles in the services as the sim expands further. Feel free to contact me, Robert Grant (lowridingorilla) and we can discuss it further
  5. Come enjoy the live music and refreshments
  6. Newhattan is Open For Rentals!! Join us at the World Trade Center Plaza for the Official Opening where you can step back in time to see the trade centers as they were before Sept. 11th 2001. Join us tonight at 8pm Eastern, 5pm SLT for our opening party, Featuring DJ Lumet taking your requests! We will also give away prizes during the opening party including L$ & FREE RENTAL!! Also our local services NYEMS, FDNY, NYPD, Department Of Public Works, And More Now Hiring!! Amityville (134,141,38)
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