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  1. It's not. Like everything else, SL has become more. In this case more demanding on rigs. Invest in a good gaming PC and you'll be fine.
  2. I've played Sansar a bit. I wanted to give it a fair shake. I didn't like it. I mean, yeah the graphics (aside from the avatar models) are nice and the user interface is sleek but to me, it just feels like a tech demo and not what they desperately wanted to be the next big thing. I will say I don't feel like Sansar was ever met to overtake SL or even intersect with its userbase. If it was then at least to me it doesn't feel like it.
  3. I don't think it will be gone but I do think it'll be like those classic (somehow) still online MMORPGs that get about 1% new users and the rest of its player base consists of old hats who hats who hate each other's guts. So basically like it is now only worse.
  4. So there was this club called The Purrfect P*ssy (censored because I'm not sure how strict the forum rules are on such language). It was equal parts dance club, strip club, anime haven, kpop lounge, and crazy voice chat hotspot that had some of the funniest yet most harmless conversations I've ever heard on SL. Didn't care for the sexual themes of the place, but the people made that place so I used to go there all the time 2016-2017. Recently I remembered it and went looking but no results? I know more than likely it's gone the way of many of SL hotspots but a part of me is still holding out hope it just relocated because man that place holds some great memories.
  5. I'll add my sadness to this. Her display name was Maddie and she was my best friend for well over a year around 2015 when I was still somewhat of a greenleaf to Second Life. There was no falling out, there was no big tragedy, well unless you count her apparently deciding to not log back onto Second Life. I had her on my Skype contacts but forgot the login details by the time I realized if i wanted to talk to Maddie ever again I'd have to recall it. I sometimes wondered if she checked to see if I ever logged in on Skype. I hope whatever she's doing, wherever she is that she is doing well. She was one of my first SL friends and without a doubt the best.
  6. If you ever feel like rping with a cat who won't stop meowing for food, following you around and just being a cat then hit me up. (P.S. I can not talk as a cat if you prefer but that's hard. I would prefer if I were just able to act like a cat...given voice lol)
  7. Hi. I've been playing as a kitty-cat for a little bit over a year now. I'm searching for owners now. Owners, or a nice little community where a cat can be a cat and get into trouble by yowling on the top of tin roofs and chasing birds. Good, wholesome cat stuff like that. Let me know if you can point me in the right direction, or if perhaps you are interested.
  8. No payment required. I'm a horse. Looking for a job as a police horse or carriage puller or something. Historical sims are fine. Fantasy sims may also be a possibility. I am not looking for an owner or a home. Just something to keep me occupied on slow days and to make myself feel slightly useful. I do realistic roleplays. Please contact me in-world. I'm logging off for the weekend but should be back online the beginning of next week. Thank you.
  9. What kind of friends are you looking for?
  10. My character's name is Jupiter and she is an adult mare. She/myself are looking for friends of all shapes and sizes. I admit I'm a bit biased towards other animal avatars, but I'd love to befriend anyone. I mostly hang out on historical sims of all kinds where I like to roleplay a lot. Not into that kind of stuff? That's OK we can always hang out on other lands. I am easy to get along with, I can be a little shy at first but once you get to know me I think I'm a big goofball. I am not looking to get tied down to a herd or a family or anything. I enjoy my Second Life freedom too much. I am just looking for someone to talk with, chat with, and laugh with. Hanging out occasionally would be a huge bonus but I won't be one of those clingy friends who message you offline 30 times a day, so no worries with that. Lastly, I am mostly online on weekdays but I try to be on at least some on weekends too.
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