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  1. Yes there are a lot of furry clubs but not ones that would be focusing mostly on BDSM and helping those find partners... but thank you for the suggestion.
  2. I'm looking to start a BDSM Market/Club on SL. I've ran a few club type rooms on IMVU and I'd like to start one on here. My idea for the club/market is a place for all types of furries or humans to come to a market/club place and have a group of people dedicated to helping others find Dom's and submissives their forever Dom/Sub. The group/sim staff would have to be required to interact with guests and make sure they feel welcomed and want to stick around. I'd be more comfortable to explain more if someone is interested in helping get a skybox or partial sim started.
  3. As you can guess from the tittle this Wolf-ess Mistress is looking for a pathetic slave to use as I see fit, one of the benefits you will receive from being my slave/paypig/toy etc. Is the gratification of knowing you're making me happy. Some luxuries you'll receive if you behave well enough and earn include: Cuddling, pets, a special bond, my attention, trust, and other things if we can come to an agreement on what limits you may or may not have or fetishes you'd like me to play with for you...All whom are interested please message me in world with proper greetings "Hello Madame, ma'am, Miss etc. My name is _______ and I am replying to your inquiry on the forms (put clever reasons to why you think you fit the bill)
  4. Hello my name is Asuna and my mate and I whom both RP as herm/female and we're both furries/pets/baby girls. My mate is trans Mtf in real life and identifies as female. We're looking for a dominant that is understanding that my mate works for a couple clubs as both a DJ and a dancer so they would have to know that they can't interfere with those jobs. Our last Dominant didn't spend much time with us and we both felt very neglected. So we're looking for a Dom/Domme who can give us plenty of attention be it cuddling or just spending quality time with us dancing, talking etc. We're very eager to please and always up for some fun! WARNING!! Though we do LOVE to have sex and be perverted and such we're not looking to become sex doll or anything like that. We value a deep meaningful connection and relationship over anything else in the BDSM community.
  5. So I've been looking for a RP family on here to hang out with and just have a good time. I'm not really into any drama or bull crap so no worries there. Some things I'm into are dancing, going to parties, cuddling, and role-playing. I'm into anime, music, cuddling, drawing, music, and playing video games. If you'd like to take the time to get to know me and see if we'd be a good fit feel free to send me an in world IM. I do require are people who are interested to verify voice for gender (transgender people are fine). BDSM families are also welcomed, I'm also a babygirl/submissive.
  6. I'd love to meet you guys and see if we click and hopefully join your family group! I'm a very fun loving, and protective sister type!
  7. Hello my name is Asuna, and my girlfriend and I are babygirls looking for a Daddy Dom to love us and cuddle us with occasional sexy time. We're both shy to start out with and all we ask is that anyone who is interested MUST use mic's and is accepting that my girlfriend is transgender in real life (male to female) and I'm 100% female and willing to voice verify. Some of the things we're into is anime, music, dancing, cuddling, emoting/role-playing, and furries. So if you're interested please feel free to in world IM me and let's see where things go!
  8. Vellie if you continue to be mean and harass my post I will report you. Kindly please stop
  9. Hello my name is Asuna, and I've recently transferred over from IMVU. The BDSM lifestyle isn't very active or serious on IMVU so I'm hoping to find a Mommy/Daddy Dom. Things I look for in a Dom are as follows: Understanding Active Loves to cuddle Able to discipline when needed Loving Polyamorous If you're interested please send me a message, or IM and let's get to know each other! I'm online most days in the morning minus days I work. If I don't message back right away please be pacient with me
  10. I'm pretty decent at typed role-playing, and looking for work if it's escorting to anything you desire. WARNING: MUST TIP/PAY FIRST BEFORE YOU RECEIVE ESCORT ACTIONS! IM me in game to discuss further details!
  11. Awesome! I've never seen a chi-weenie before! I bet he looks super adorable! If you like you're more then welcome to add me
  12. Hello my name is Asuna~ I'm 25 and I'm looking to make new friend on here! (Obviously lol) I love to watch and draw anime, listen to music, dance, and role-play. A few of my other hobbies include: reading, spending time with my pet cat and going out to bars on the weekends. I recently transfered over to SL from IMVU and so far I'm loving it.
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