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  1. Omg, that's great (much better than an escort or a club dancer lol I don't want to be someone's girlfriend fill in)!I'll look into it!I always wanted to be working in the advertising business and it will be fun too and great career practice! So how much Linden(game currency) are you paid?Do you get to work when you are able to because I'm a quite busy person and can only pay this game in the weekends(including Friday and maybe Thursday).
  2. I am a new SL player(A few weeks old) and I am in need of work in SL.I desire to work as a dancer at a club.If anyone is in need of a dancer in their club reply to this message. STATS Work experience: Volunteering in real life and hard work at schooling(also real life) Personality: Quite feisty, very social, willing to work with others, cheerful, a bit excitable, loving, understanding as I can be, determined, and I love to chat. Mental Condition: I have Autism yet I go beyond my disability and like to help others. Ages: Character(Momoko):26 Me: in my teens Talents: singing(this doesn't have to do with this job it is just a talent I have) and swimming Lifetime dream: To be a singer Interest: Harajuku fashion, ice cream,80s stuff Hobbies: I love online shopping and watching game and movie reviews:3 Real name: Not telling lol! Started playing: Early this month on a Sunday I can't wait to see my replies and am looking forward to them.Hope to get good results!
  3. If I was excepted I would work on 10pm-12am Friday to 8-10pm Saturday Thank you for your time,I will await your reply
  4. Princesscml I am in need of an SL job but I have only been on here for at least three weeks.Is that ok?I have real life work experience in volunteering and I am very good at cooperating and I love to work with others.I want to be a dancer and have been trying to get a second ife job for quite a long time now.As a determined newbie, I am not stopping my effort till it pays off no matter how hard it may look.Because I believe that I will be able to play this game with ease once I get an SL job.I have been looking far and wide for weeks so I am ready to be excepted into a job.
  5. Please reply to my application note I send you.I will await your reply.
  6. I gave you an application note.So where is the location?I really want to work there!
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