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  1. Come join the revelers as the Spring Queen gives way to the Summer Queen's time. There are games to play, rides to ride, drinks to drink, and lots of food to be had! Tonight there will be fireworks at 6pm SLT! This is an IC Event for the Isle of Forbidden Fantasy! Come play with us! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crystal Creek/160/129/3164
  2. Isle of Forbidden Fantasy here again! This time we're happy to announce that a photography contest coming to the Isle with the theme of "Summer!" in mind! If you think you can capture the reason for the season in one of your flickr photos, come on by and show us what you've got! We only ask that you keep it to tasteful erotic at most, and well within the rules of SL's TOS, meaning no ***** or anything of the sort within the pictures to be submitted to the group please. For more details click the link below! https://www.flickr.com/groups/ioffcontests/discuss/72157695167464952/
  3. The Isle of Forbidden Fantasy is looking for players to fill key roles for the sim. OOC Hub for the Isle of Forbidden Fantasy We are an Adult Sim so Child Avatars and those that look below the age of 18 are not permitted on sim! -Orcs: We have an amazing Orc camp that needs a leader and players to fill it. -Fae both Light and Dark: We have a brand new built area for the Dark Fae/Unseelie that needs both a Lead and Players to fill it. The Light Fae/Seelie have a full forest to frolick in -Elves: A Beautiful City that needs to be filled. -Angels: We have plenty of beautiful angels but would love a few handsome ones as well. A full sky city awaits for you! -Demons: Succubus, Sin Demons, Lust and Desire. to all sorts we would really love to have you! Hades is made for your race! -Beasts! Bring on the Beasts! -Dragons: We would love to have a Dragon Faction on Sim! -Humans for all roles! From the Merchant all the way to the Slave... We have a place for you! -Business owners !( Lots of Rentals to make your dream come true!) We have so many places that are vacant you could start literally anything! -Tavern Owner: We need Several of these! -We are also in need of Faction Leads and those who want to start their own faction. It takes 4 people to get a faction started, a mission statement and a logo. Pretty simple! We allow spell hud's within reason. We do use Coagulate for a hud. Beyond that we are just looking for great players to help us make this sim the best it can be. We thrive on Quality over Quantity. LM above and here is our website: The Isle of Forbidden Fantasy Website
  4. Greetings! I am searching for like-minded antagonists/ villains to join a Multi-Genre Family that plays in Fantasy, Supernatural/Urban Roleplay. I know I know the word Family brings to mind small child avatars, parents, grandparents, and such. We are not like that. We are all adults. We call ourselves a family due to the fact we a Dark Father that keeps us in line, and we treat each other like family. We squabble, we harass each other, trust each other, confide and vent to each other. We also play other games outside of SL to avoid the Burn out that often comes with long days or weeks of Roleplay. We also support each other when Real Life(Gasp! That thing!) comes to throw curve balls at us. We are always talking either it is in SL or Discord, but we are always talking and supporting each other. We have a rich history that is always being added to, that we are proud of. Established Halloween of 2017, we are still small but our stories go back to the founding members and their desire to have a group that not only supports each other out of Roleplay but in Roleplay as well. As for our Roleplay. We are open to new and great ideas. We love Fantasy and Supernatural and enjoy the Antagonist/Villain Roles. We do have a soft side for those we call friends but often times we thrive on being dark, out for ourselves and hell has no fury for anyone that gets in our way type characters. If this is something you like then please contact us. The Hallow Family Website Or come Visit at: Lost Hope, Home of the Hallow Family
  5. Greetings, The Hallows are looking for like minded individuals to role-play with us! We are an Adult only multi-genre group specializing in antagonist role-play. We role-play everything from Medieval Fantasy, SciFi, Steampunk, Period, Urban, and Supernatural and always look to expand our horizons. Our motto is "IC Devils OOC Saints". We believe that ICLY we are villains and bad guys, and will suffer the consequence for those actions and thoughts. OOC we are friendly and understanding. We get people often hate antagonists and sometimes that does bleed into OOC and we are willing to do what it takes to make roleplay fun and conflicting but still harmless. If this is something you are interested in come stop by and talk to any of us. We love to chatter and show people around as well as roleplay with you! We offer a home land to park and role-play in. Lost Hope home of The Hallow As well as other perks!(can be discussed when visiting) See you soon!
  6. Alright I am trying to make a script that I can use in projects and roleplay that basically will allow you to post names into a menu box and it pops up over a prim in a particular order. This sort of Dialog Box to make names pop up where that set text is: I thought this script would help but I think in being tired I am missing something. I tried to change the script to just hover the text above the prim. I am new to scripting and still learning so help would be wonderful! Thank you! //Key of the user of the Menu key UserID; //Channel to listen for item the avatar has put in. integer InputDialogChannel; //Handle to listen for input integer InputListenHandle; default { state_entry() { llSetText("Touch for enter text \n \n ", <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, 1.0); //Create an unique channel bassed on the UUID of the object to ensure that two or more of your objects won't get interfere by each other's messages InputDialogChannel = -1 - (integer)("0x" + llGetSubString( (string)llGetKey(), -7, -1) ); } touch_start(integer num_detected) { //Get the UUID of the user that has touched the object UserID = llDetectedKey(0); //Assign the listen to a handle so we can kill it when the user don't respond to the text box llListenRemove(InputListenHandle); InputListenHandle = llListen(InputDialogChannel, "", "", ""); llTextBox(UserID, "Please enter...", InputDialogChannel); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { llListenRemove(InputListenHandle); llSetTimerEvent(0); llOwnerSay("You wrote: " + message); } //Take action if the user did not respond within time timer() { //Stop timer and listening because the user did not responds within the time given. //User could have touched the ignore button, walk or tp away or crashed llSetTimerEvent(0); llListenRemove(InputListenHandle); } }
  7. Primal Earth The Wastelands just opened. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avilon/180/196/24
  8. Shades of Immortality allows them. We also allow Kemono and Snaggletooth if that helps. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Redemption Island/136/46/1029 Shades of Immortality Website
  9. You can contact me as well. Always up for helping other photographers.
  10. Rosalyn contact me in world. You can look up my flickr for an idea of what I do and what I can do. If its something you find agreeable, we can come to a price for what you are looking for. Liyahdeloncroix Resident
  11. Shadea you can IM me as well. Shades of Immortality is looking for a Princess for our Mermaid area and would love to have you!
  13. The Heaven and Hell is tucked against one of the major city walls in Veldrea. A place masquerading as a Bathhouse when in fact it is the local Brothel. Ran by the Charismatic Liyah Vok'narok, the establishment caters to the carnal needs of Veldrea and the Planes. Angels and Demons are welcomed and all the races between. We are looking for all sorts of staff! This is a Roleplay Role: No Linden will be paid for this but IC(Pretend) coin will be handed out. Want to know more? Contact Liyahdeloncroix Resident or come visit us at: Shades of Immortality
  14. Are you ready to join the fight against the denizens of the Abyssals? The Zealots of the Redemption or the Insufferable Alliance? Choose your Side, pick your guilds, and come join us in Shades of Immortality. Battle for control of the planes in the world of Ethillon! Join us in our battles!
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