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  1. I finished the series like a month ago first time and binge watched two more times! I would love to see something like this emerge!
  2. Absolutely boring. My mind wanders which leads me to forget SL is running, I ignore my phone so if you use discord may take me days to reply, I fall asleep at the blink of an eye thanks to work. I get inspired do something creative then sit on my butt doing nothing about it. So yeah, boring friends work.
  3. Just trying new ideas today, getting back into the swing of things with a brand new video card.
  4. I Love the Fog! Mine is the fog in Silent Hill! Holy Cow as Fall progresses I see that dense fog on my way into work
  5. RL- going to photograph this amazing fog rolling in. SL later - take a few pictures.
  6. I started with a Gacha Genesis Project Head. But when Bento came I was always a Catwa user. Tried LAQ but it just never quite fit. Even dabbled with Genus Classic. But then I discovered a skin I liked and tried it on Genus Babyface and I am hooked. Genesis I liked they were unique as far as face structure went but lacked life. Catwa offered bento but everyone had or has Catya so it was hard to make unique. Laq had great eyes but the face structure just didn't wow me. Even Genus Classic just felt off, it is pretty but something was missing. Babyface has softness but still an edge and
  7. The only thing sometimes I will add is my eye color. Rest is all fantasy.
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