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  1. Hi there, I'm here on my alternate account to try and change the e-mail or password for my account named KarmaHuskybutt Resident. I cannot get in to the old e-mail for the account, nor can I log into the account because the password that is saved in my browser isn't the correct one. However, I can log in via my firestorm and try to change it. But, here's where I have my issue. I cannot remember the password so I cannot change anything on it. I'd like to use this as my main account again, but with the issue of being unable to remember the password for the e-mail associated with the account, I am unable to change it. If any staff or support could change my password to a temporary one, that would be fantastic so I could change it really quickly and have access to the account again.
  2. Hello, I'm Kelpersey, but I also have the account named Pumpkin Frostbite. I cannot get into my older account, which is Pumpkin Frostbite, because I have lost the e-mail. I was hoping someone could tell me how to change the e-mail, because I can't even remember the password to the other account, it's been so long since I logged onto it. I'd like to re-use the account in any way I can, but am unable to log on to it. Please help if you can, thank you.
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