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  1. This is the Firestorm jira entry where I added and what there was a reaction to: https://jira.firestormviewer.org/browse/FIRE-23908#
  2. Hello, since evening hours on August 3rd, 2020 CET I noticed a glossy problem with the Firestorm EEP Version. Curious that I did not notice it before because I used the EEP version since the first day it came out. I don't think it was there before, because I had a new head and I had set glossy there so that it fitted and suddenly - since the above date - it was suddenly much too much and all the lights seems too bright too on other surfaces. That's why I asked if there is any setting that can be used to reduce glossy again. I know how to turn it off completely, but it looks ugly
  3. Ok, not all worked good. Before name change I had set myself on "Always allowed" in my land settings. After name change I wasn't anymore in that list. And I did not have admin access to my orbs. I have orbs of 2 several creators on my land. One accepted me on my land because of group settings, the other did not know me anymore with my new name, kicked me off my land and set me on ban list for 15 minutes as it should do with strangers if the orb is switched on. Good that I have an alt with admin rights on the orbs and landowner rights on my group land else I would have a
  4. I changed my name and it worked really good. The 2016 in my account name is finally past.
  5. Will there be another name action soon or will these be the only names to choose from for the time being?
  6. Hello, don't know if I am right here with my question. From all that names Ravenhurst would fit best to my alt, I think but it would not be my first choice. Problem is that my first name is Ehawee2016 (Resident) and if I would choose Ravenhurst, Ehawee2016 Ravenhurst would sound bad. It is possible to change the first name too so my name could be Ehawee Ravenhurst? If not a change for me would have no sense.
  7. Hello Willow, thank you for your help. Before I posted here I had a look in the Jira but there were so many entries with teleport problems and I did not know what could be the right Jira entry for my problem. Now I took the Jira that was posted on page 1 (Jira BUG-227328) and wrote a comment and attached the compressed log folder from my Firestorm viewer. I hope that will help.
  8. Thank you I did not know the difference between general and adult and so on in the forum. But how should Linden reproduce the problem without all that informations? For that Bloodlines scan achievement the adult lm bring together with some clubs the best results - I am sorry. And for the lm from the screenshots you have to do some more work until you can teleport to that destinations. The only sense for my posts are that Linden may find the reason for that teleport problem and maybe can solve it. After Linden has noticed and copied all the information Linden can delete a
  9. After a lot of teleports without any problem I tried again to teleport to the destinations @Tribalia and @Blackhearts Cafe. @Blackhearts Cafe I now could teleport without any problems. @Tribalia has still the same problem: first tp failure and than auto logout and after login I found me @Bloodlines East at the position I logged in before. I first tried @Blackhearts Cafe and from there I tried to teleport to @Tribalia.
  10. ... and again @Catlin Shores http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caitlins Shores/39/67/23 with destination @Blackhearts Cafe http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blackhearts Cafe/56/111/12 First tp failure and than auto logout.
  11. ... and the same again like in the post before...
  12. And I just got the next teleport failure directly with the first teleport after login @Bloodlines East including auto logout like before. Destination was @Tribalia, Jamaica XXX.
  13. Today I could do 8 teleports until I was logged out. It happened @Chained Desires, House of V like last Friday I documented on page 1. Until I was logged out I can't type anything in open chat but I don't have to wait a long time until I was logged out. I did not try to teleport because I think it would not work - like the other times. The next login brought me back to @Bloodlines East where I logged in before I started the teleports.
  14. Today I did 45 teleports in a row without any problem. Then at AEG REZ Club @REZ I can't teleport to the next destination @Ohana Cove http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ohana Cove/177/69/22. I tried teleport to @Silks http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silks/172/125/25 but it did not work too. I logged out by myself. If I logged in again I found me @End of Days directly in the club hall of the club where I logged in before I did the 45 teleports in a row.
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