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  1. so I am Fairly newish with maya I know my way around abit of it but i have ran into a recent issue with the textures or uvs My work flow is sometimes i will GOZ from zbrush to uv map the object and Batch bake it then take the textures into photoshop and texture on a 1025 bitmap image then place them back into maya to see how they look on the model once happy with the uv layout and textures I'll export as a DAE file and upload into SL the mesh works perfectly untill i try to place the textures on the prim they dont sit on the prim as it did in maya, Its like the meshes UV have shrank or stretched on the upload, its hard to explain but basically the textures sit perfectly on maya but break when uploaded on sl I have tried freezing transformations, Deleting the history before exporting am i missing something?
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