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  1. any good schools for avatar kids?

    Hi I am Stassi and I rp as 3 year old in sl. My parents are looking to find a school for me to go to. They want the school to be not a daycare but regular schooling like kindergarten or higher. We tried looking on in world search but I cant find anything but groups that lead to no where. If you gone to a school in sl or know of a good one please let me know. Thank you. Have a great day. Stassi
  2. good schools for avatar kids?

    To answer Alwin Alcott my parents wanted me to have something other than just day care as in normal school which is any other school than day care which includes kindergarten and any other form of schooling in sl. Also I didn't try to put the post in a QA section I simply click button to ask question type it in and post. Also it shows at top the post is under avatar up top.
  3. good schools for avatar kids?

    Hi I am Stassi. I am a toddleddoo avatar I rp as age 3 and my parents and I have been looking for good schools but don't find much in world search. I mostly find groups that don't go anywhere. So I was hoping someone could suggest a list of good avatar kids schools? I like dance too so dance schools are welcome along with normal learning schools. I don't really want a daycare place just normal school and also dance schools too please. Thank you for all your help for those who reply. Have a great day. Big bear huggies. xoxoxo Stassi