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  1. There is really nothing to be surprised with, when I first entered SL it was much different, and there were different ways of earning, some of which included surveys, and there were really possible. From those times SL changed a lot, and I must say that I wasn't an active resident since all this period of time, so I could be unaware about many changes that happened inworld. However, this does not justify those people who use this unawareness doing their business and using other people unawareness. It is not a matter of User to User issues as it concerned not just me personally. I don't mention the name of the resident for purpose. I sent my report and, as LL never inform about the result, I think it's clear that I can do nothing more.
  2. Hi All. Lately I reported a specific person, who owns few lands flooded with ATMs offering a payment for doing surveys. I registered on his site, which looked pretty decent, finished some offers and raised my balance. However, while the site informed that the payment was automated, I, of course, was never really payed. Later, I found out that, though they have a technical support, it doesn't react, and when I IMed him inworld while he was online, he just ignored me. This is not really what I was expecting, because an offer was just too good to be true, but I feel really nuts that this resident continues to fool people and unpunishedly does it using Second Life. However, I would like to figure out if his actions somehow offend the main SL policy and, thus, is there any possibility to call him to account.
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