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  1. I'm not saying all others are wrong. Just that with increasing possiblities of attachments (not even talking about the new bento ones, mutliplicating ways to add things), the limit should increase as well. More and more people are reaching this limit, and must make choices about what to wear, even if managing well worn hud (detaching them unless they are needed).
  2. I was used to constantly wear some huds, for fast reaction reason. But I know it causes lags too, and I also reached my attachment limit. So I adapted. But even with that, sometimes I can't even wear all the things I want (jewels, multi-parts mesh outfits). My girlfriend, who is piercing addict, is really limited by her attachments, just her piercings taking 5 or 6 attachments. Anyone saying the current limit is ok, is putting blinders over his eyes. People complaining about it tried their best to manage it, but it's really getting frustrating.
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