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  1. Thank you all so much you've been so helpful! I'm going to try all of the things. *purr*
  2. Thanks so much. I'm looking at the M4 AnnieMay and Venus heads... they look likely. It's a project.
  3. I'm willing to buy a whole new avatar mesh head and body but I'm just clueless as to what is available right now. Please help mew!
  4. Thank you so much! I'm bringing a candle.
  5. Thats a serene scene. Can we have the location to maybe gather?
  6. Dance Dinkie dance The amazing new costumes for Dinkies from the Tiny Inc store and Isaura's were my standouts this year. Bought many and much.
  7. Wow thanks Rat Luv, Akane and Maitamo! I'm still floating from the good feelings of Fantasy Faire and I want more! Now there are places to go. Ya'll are golden.
  8. Ya'll know all. Surely in the history of SL there has been a dedicated Fantasy Club? All the insanely creative avatars from Fantasy Faire need a place to twerk (Elven, Centaur and Dinkie and all the other things) - bootie the rest of the year. It's one of the best things about SL! Why can't we do it more? Why don't we have a place to glitter and shine. And flap and clop. (Disclaimer - yes yes I know - it costs money, it costs time and 'why don't you do it'. I'm honestly curious if there has ever been such a thing.)
  9. I approached this HDPro Queen Head Retrieval Operation as a Special Shopping Ops Dinkie... Inserted my boi on 2nd attempt, acquired the HDPro SpaceShuttleHUD Head via CAM and exited in one smooth operation. Dinkie Guerrilla Shopping Mission Impossible Team Flawless Victory! Now trying to decode 10 Tabs of Options... (Shakes tiny Dinkie paw) "Catwa you Fiends!" ALSO THANK YOU CATWA FOR THIS FANTASTIC TOY!
  10. I think this is a ripe opportunity for someone to stage a Murder Mystery.
  11. Aha - I've got the 5.1 on. I will give that a try. Thanks so much! EDIT: Yup. Got an updated body and now it works fine. Thanks again!
  12. https://gyazo.com/82a6169aa3bcc0c4efb0a57abdb9b68c I get this weird effect when trying to smallify my Maitreya body? Anyone else seen this/have a solution for this double boobification effect? Y'all are gurus here.
  13. Lucky Squirrel is airborne but Kittehs are under the stairs so we don't get squished!
  14. Yes all their hard work is breathing life back into SL. Thanks SO much🤩
  15. Thanks for being so responsive to the community. It feels like we're all in this together again!
  16. Keep trying. I kept getting the error message but it was delivered in the background.
  17. We are love hugging it into the ground.
  18. Okay I kept getting the error message but now I get a message saying I already own a house, and it's the new houseboat. So it may be delivered in the background even though an error message is being displayed. So dont give up hope!
  19. Getting error at the delivery screen. I assume the website is getting hammered.
  20. Anyone going to be abandoning their land house for a new houseboat?
  21. I've tried a bunch but I'd vote for lelutka or Genus. I have a Simone when I'm feeling supermodel-y and a baby face Genus for whimsy. I find Genus to have the easiest interface to use, but lelutka comes bundled with better cosmetics. Just demo the heck out of everything.
  22. That bar is stellar. And I just love that vivid red
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