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  1. I am searching for someone more experienced than I am to create mesh characters for me. Anyone need some SL cash for a great job?
  2. Is there a simple applier that will help me add a personalized tattoo, made in Photoshop. to ANY mesh avatar ( not the basic SL ones)? Thx for your input.
  3. thank u. did not know about live chat. never had a problem before. will try both of these
  4. Thank u for your suggestion; however, I don't know how I would check that when I cannot even log on to the region...I'll investigate.
  5. Alwin Alcott, the reason I asked here is because all I got from the forum was a post from someone desperate for attention (that being you) that was of no help. It's not spam just because u read it twice. Now u have responded twice in two separate forum posts and have still been of no help. Please go seek attention away from me.
  6. Yeah, right. I put in a ticket and never got a response; when I click the link in my email to check the status, I just get a "this page is not working" response.
  7. Starting 3 days ago, I cannot log in to my home in the Shibry region. I can log in to every other region, but logging in to my own home just results in the entire Second Life program to shut down. I even logged in to a nearby region and tried approaching my home by foot, only to have the entire Second Life program to shut down when I neared. I have been on Second Life for 3 years now and have never encountered a problem. Can anyone tell me what is causing this anomaly? Very frustrated at not being able to access my own home. Yes, I put in a ticket to help with the problem but have not rec
  8. I created a help ticket for this issue two days ago, but have gotten no response from SL Has anyone dealt with the following issue...? Suddenly I can't log in to my home, even tho I can go anywhere else in SL. The entire Secondlife program just shuts down when I try. I even tried approaching the region (Shibry) from a nearby region, and, once again, the entire program just shuts down whenever I get close to my home region. If anyone else has encountered this problem and can help me deal with it, I would appreciate it. Once again, creating a ticket for the problem got me no help.
  9. I've had the same problem and found that if I attach a SL alpha for body that leaves your SL head intact, then I could attach other shapes until I found one that filled in the gap; of course, then I had to readjust the shape to the body I wanted.
  10. I understand there were scheduled maintenance and rolling blackouts within regions as a result, but for 3 days I have not been able to log in to my home in the Shibry region. Why? I haven't received any notifications of a problem, nor have I read of any in the forums.
  11. I am 6ft8 and almost 320 pounds; I'm a football player and want to stay true to my real wolrd look, but I cannot find clothes to fit me. The resizers/editors for clothes I've bought do not make clothes large enough. Thanks to anyone who can tell me where to get clothes to fit me or how to resize to fit a big guy like me. I use the Dabull avatar as it helped me to create my own shape.
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