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  1. But i think i am going back to open sims and the classic things.
  2. I forgot mentioned, linden lab is normal offer protection for our creations, well catwa heads and Maitreya body why is free full perm in open sim? from where the tiefs steal the creations?, from second life no?, so is correct now the creators open a case with LL cause they never uploaded the creations anywhere just in second life and now is free everywhere, what good protection have creators in second life. for this second life will dying. Sorry my english.
  3. Linden lab forgot is big game now because us, after become so big second life game, is what we get as thanks. Not even PayPal request this all documents, is absurd, then second life will no existing without us, I closed my business in sl and there are many which left sl, is simple, when buy premium acc, they no ask who you are, maybe someone steal my credit card and spend my money in this game, but no matters for LL, important is they take money, when you try cash out, dang ,need documents for proof who you are, well I am the same person which I paid you the premium account without be ver
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