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  1. New chapters are good - well, as long as you're not reading horror, that is
  2. Happy Rez Day Jeny! Gorgeous gown, gorgeous pic
  3. @Madelaine McMasters Suddenly have an inexplicable urge to turn vegan....
  4. @eighthdwarf Checchinato Hard to breathe just looking at it!
  5. I really, really hate those damn things! (Note to self: never go fishing again)
  6. Today I played with a new skin ..but it was too shiny and squeaky clean so I put it away again to go hunt some baddies...
  7. What a beautiful shot, Jeny! Love the outfit, too
  8. Still can't get enough of my fave gown creator (Suzanne Michelle - Wild Orchid Haute Couture). And now - exit, stage right...pumpkin hour approaches and this lil bunny has a date with a hot water bottle (sad, isn't it?)
  9. Now that's drop dead gorgeous - how did I miss that post?
  10. Yes! Also - not looking at Skell's pics...not looking, not looking, not looking!
  11. @ForrestChildThey look devastatingly painful. Remind me never to tick you off.
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