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  1. Found the fix. I have two monitors, one attached to an Nvidia graphics card, the other connected to the motherboard's Intel graphics card. My Intel monitor was set to the default monitor (prior to today, it the default was the Nvidia monitor). I had to switch the Nvidia back to the default monitor which solved the solution as Firestorm64x is not compatible with certain Intel graphics card models.
  2. Hi there, I have a pretty decent computer system with Windows 10 64x OS. I've always been able to use Firestorm64x; however, today I attempted to login and I literally get a completely black screen within the Firestorm64x viewer. You can make out the orange outlines of where the username and password fields would be, but you can't actually see any text, pictures, menu options, etc. Anybody have this issue in the past that knows of a fix? Already tried uninstalling and installing again both with and without clean installs. Thanks
  3. You can just pay for the land itself which will be substantially cheaper than the cost of the new Premium rate.
  4. I'll be canceling the subscription prior to the price hike. Personally, I don't see any added value from the increased cost. Therefore I'll be downgrading June 23rd.
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