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  1. Well.. still didn't hurt to try? heh.. well anyways.. i read policy and yet they said that hed got banned for TOS 6 - and i read it all, and my mate - just CAN"T do all of that things, just because he didn't knew the english language too well, and thats why im give it a shot here.. maybe they see it.. maybe not.. well.. just its too stupid to bad person for what he didn't do..
  2. Hello, yesterday my mate got perm banned in second life, and yes he DID try the support team, yet it didn't help.. scince my mate didn't knew eng, im gona speak from him(<Removed>), so why he did banned for that, got banned just for nothing, i was with him, and yes i have his accout, because we are mate's?, he didn't do anything bad, and yet he got banned for nothing... or stalking to anybody, this is ... well.. still i want appeal his ban, and get the real reason why he got banned, i knew him, and the last day (18 th) he got banned, while we was, watching the TV in second life, and the
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