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  1. Yay! ty for your replies, Installing the latest LL viewer with the EEP code worked a treat. amplify your awesome! nitenites
  2. I have tried LL & FS viewers ty!
  3. Hiii! I fixed the environment settings last night so as to get a good sky setting for an event but now I cannot switch it back to the normal default settings / Day Cycle. I have tried LL & FS viewers but when I click apply it jumps back to the setting I made yesterday. Here is the following error message I get > https://gyazo.com/97c9902ca4feaf2ad3d19468746691b4 I did tp in and out again, relogged but same error, not just for me but also the sim owner. Hope you can help.
  4. Awesome info...worked 2nd time!!! You are a star...in fact have 5 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ I can get some sleep now
  5. Hi all, Hope you don't mind me posting here but I cannot find an answer to this specific question re: Blender 3D. Is it possible to simply (without nodes) to bake the Ambient Occlusion onto a texture without exporting the AO and adding it in Gimp? Thanks for listening
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