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  1. Must be okay with adult natured things. Paid gig, homes to decorate. IM me in world to discuss ideas/pay. Example building. ♥
  2. Have a homestead I need decorated, thinking foresty grotto style. Don't have time to do it myself these days. Please IM me in world and be sure to send me your portfolio!
  3. Paying very well for someone to create a shape based off some images You must be willing to test out multiple heads to find out which will make the best shape for face. Contact me in world! P.S - It's for a female shape!
  4. Looking for someone to create a script to do some various sim-actions via SmartBots API. IM me in-world please. ♥
  5. Looking to have an accurate shape made for a close friend, please message me in world if interested. Paying for the time.
  6. Needs to be proficient with LSL and have the ability to tie in with SmartBots & CasperLet API. Please message me in world, paid gig obviously. ♥
  7. I currently have one available here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lovely Storm/139/104/21 I have a second 1/4th available - but it is 6250$L/week for 7500 Prims. That one is located here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sexy Bay/159/175/22 Residential only, please! Clan hangouts etc are fine also! We are *NOT* mass breedable friendly! One or two are fine! I also have: Custom Skybox Platforms: 250$L week - 300 prims 550$L week - 750 Prims 1250$L week - 1500 Prims 1850$L week - 2250 Prims 2450$L week - 3000 Prims
  8. Still looking for additional work to be done. IM me in world.
  9. Have a couple projects in mind, please IM me in world to discuss further. Paid ♥.
  10. Am looking for a grandfathered sim. I may also consider a non grandfathered (full) 20k or 30k sim. Please IM me inworld! I rarely check forums. (I am a serious buyer looking for my first sim! Sick of renting!)
  11. Looking for a HTML/PHP developer, nothing insane/crazy. Msg me in-world. ♥ Also seeking a corrade developer.
  12. This is a salary position - you would treat it like a real job. Salary will grow over time. Professional and fun types please apply! I am a fun boss <3. Job description: Taking care of disputes, keeping tenants happy, filling vacancies. Application is here - I look forward to reading them! https://goo.gl/forms/4GQCVcxGhHsrzNNj2
  13. Looking for a grandfathered 20k - send me IM's in world. ♥
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