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  1. It was the normals on the Catwa head. But I'm confused why it was doing that.
  2. When I turn advanced lighting off it looks fine. It seems to have started after I applied a 3rd party skin to it. Any ideas how I can get the skin to work with advanced lighting?
  3. For the last year I've been having random total disconnects. Everything run fines, no lag, then I'm just dropped without warning. It happens about once an hour. Sim doesn't matter, although it tends to happen more often in highly populated ones. I can run Red Dead Redemption 2 on high graphics with no issues, no disconnects on my PC. I ran tracert right before a disconnect happened. Is this my ISP or Linden? 0% packet loss. Ping stays at about 110ms. The UDP data received just drops to about 0 all of a sudden.
  4. Inilth

    Wet hair

    Mina's was the first ones I tried. I love the Sandra one. But the hanging hair clipped too. It's this head: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/C-Equus-Standalone-Demi-Hoss-Head/18347018
  5. Inilth

    Wet hair

    Sadly Argrace clipped into the muzzle. I love it and wish it worked. Mishi clips too, but just barely.
  6. Inilth

    Wet hair

    Hello, I'm looking for fitted mesh hair that doesn't have hair hanging in the face below the eyes so it won't clip through a muzzle. Has anyone come across any like that?
  7. Every time the avatar blinks the lashes return to their default of black. I've made my own blue texture and it also defaults to black. It looks like there is a 'secondary lash' used for blinking that covers it. I just want some blue eyelashes.
  8. Thank you for clarifying! I had been wondering if it was due to me not using Avastar. I may go ahead and purchase it.
  9. I've been following along with a few tutorials and the only difference I'm seeing is that the avatar I'm working on has far more bones and for whatever reason I'm unable to bend them? It just sort of grabs a section of the body and goes off with it instead of allowing posing. My shirt is just a tiny vest thing to learn Blender. It's rigged to where its at but it looks like this, trapped inside the body: https://imgur.com/a/5USzfiT Also included is the bones and what happens when I try to pose it. I haven't been able to find a tutorial that matches a body like this. Dummy:
  10. Thanks! You guys have been super helpful. I'll try putting this to the test later. EDIT: I got it!! TY!
  11. I couldn't find any scripts that just have wisping smoke that lingers in place.. all the ones I found shoot it in a cone or explode it. Is it possible to have a simple wisp effect that is left when an avatar moves/wisps around the avatar?
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