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  1. Please read the whole text Luna quoted and then come back. Djehan called others fascists - that is what I was referring to. you too
  2. no one cirticises Anne's words Djehan placed the quote in her dystopian 3D model - nothing wrong with that Djehan insisted on not meaning it ironical - well a waste of potential but still nothing objectable. Djehan then called everyone using it in an ironic way a fascist (after using it in an ironic context herself none the less)- proving she lacks the tiniest bit of self reflection or artistical perspective concerning this delicate matter. The last fact is the one I - and others - object. You don't seem to understand the distinction. No one objects Anne Frank's quot
  3. But apparently Djehan didn't understand the extent of her own use of the message - that's not on me that's onto her PERIOD! She placed the art she has to live with the interpretations ... and as she chose to write a comment on the interpretations she has to live with the interpretations of that comment to. Cannot stand others interpreting your art? Don't go public with it.
  4. For those wondering, Qie's, my and other folks' answer on that not so thought through NC can be found on page 11...
  5. that's the problem though - swim huds only work in linden water - for each other water the HUDs need prims with different properties ... LDPW could of course do their own and set up a dispenser, but how often do you think it will get used?
  6. it will eventually - one way or another out of the window is a kind of flight too
  7. AFAIK non cash prizes never were verboten. It's just apparently no one wants to play for only trinkets or highscore entries. Poker tables would be on MP - they just won't work with prize money.
  8. Reason for this is: almost none of us are lawyers - and those who are won't work for free - so everyone aside LL themselves will use evasive language to describe what their interpretion is - admitting "we don't know nothing for sure though" along the interpretations.
  9. though not every premium user wants one ... cut that estimate in half and you should be near the truth... it's late - didn't see you already did
  10. Basically there are 5 options: sell them swap them for missing pieces give them away keep them as backup trash them
  11. Funny how everyone seems to have ideas what would make those places more attractive - because honestly, even with rez allowed I doubt it would boost their use very much.
  12. Sadly there are a lot of copied MP pages out there only designed to phish your login data, are you sure you connecred to the real marketplace? The real one can be found at https://marketplace.secondlife.com Our browsers can prevent us from falling victim to a fake MP pretty well, and MP neeeds occasional a renewal of your login. But as a general line of caution do not ever enter your login data into MP after following an link given to you by others * *paradoxically this should apply to the one I gave you now as well If you entered your password before the error occur
  13. Might just be making fun of the molespotting crew.
  14. if you try to wrangle it with code - consider giving Prolog a try
  15. I hate to tell the hard cold truth here but in that LL would benefit more if Hangars is closing in SL - as Djehan proposed to porbably move on to SANSAR in that case...
  16. Question has 4 different single answers and is multiple choice on top we have 2 single answers being the same - we assume everyone knows the academic standard of multiple or all answers being allowed as correct and at least one has too be correct. At completly picking random we have 1(all)+4(3choices)+12(2 choices)+4(1 choice) possible answers, that is 21.... of those 21 answers only 3 are even logically correct given that only A+D; B alone and C alone make logical sense (there can not be 2 propabilities it has to be a singular one) - the chance to answer would be 1/21th with 18/21th answers b
  17. You could simply buy more Lindens the 8 cent should get deducted first - however this is no good sign - if they repeat that mishap a lot of folks would have to agree to the Tilea TOS without need.
  18. if mole train is going to run autonomous - nope - if users should be able to run their own engines on the tracks however... @moles if it runs autonomous though an animesh engineer would make the ghost trains look much more friendly
  19. It is confusing ... inworld covenant says it must be similar or less restrictive than the LDPW one, while Forum entry states it must be the LDPW supplied one - quite a bunch of folks might have been ARed on basis of the Forums information...
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