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  1. Erm,... I think Torley isn't teaching it to be used to cheat at games. There are legit uses for scripted agents, SL is not only about traffic generating games (which might be considered cheating by some other residents as well)
  2. Yeah, they did some pretty smart move with the cheap bodies and the free ones in hunts and at newbie infohubs. That creates a market for cloth and once a market for cloth is established, other people will consider buying it as well.
  3. as far as I know they all 3 hover slider, hover quick setting in FS, and shoe height affect you and others
  4. shhh hint hint: read the recent mesh body addicts mini-survey to find out which of the "big three" got pushed out by one of the "lesser known ones" on place 3 ;-)
  5. As far as I know moderate sim only allow nonsexual nudity. So yes, if you do a club that emphasizes on the artistic side of stripping it would most likely be OK, keep in mind though, most dancing poles don't have those subtle animations. As Pussycat said, it is just asking for trouble anyways. In the end it is up to the Lindens to decide, but don't say you have not been warned.
  6. No you're not crazy Catnap, if I want the newest bento animations coupled with a furniture model I prefer to the one that will "donate" the animations... that is excatly what I do too. I also ripped out the entire sitter engine and target prims of a sofa I got that was not AVsitter and put it into a 1LI sofa to drop the resulting sofa LI from 18 to a mere 4
  7. I'm ... clueless, someoenplease give me a hint barley grinding dough is way of track I guess?
  8. I must be a horrible mutant, I make friends all the times, at least one a week... now true friends is something different. You can still find them. Hop around crowded sims and chat a lot in groups that allow it... offer help if asked for and you might know the answer. Do some jokes that are funny but hurt none, you know, ... be a person they enjoy talking to. And one last tip: Ignore all advice on how to make friends. Just be yourself is usualy enough. People who think they should analyse friendships and write advice about winning friends usualy are those that try to understand why they have none.
  9. Wait, you have to buy the HUD? You mean all those annoying poeple tyring to take a nibble at me somehow scrubbed up a bunch of Lindens to play a pyramid scheme? Now that makes reporting them to parcel owners even more fun.
  10. What Angeoco said... plus: There's lot of bodies for specific purposes. Like bodybuilders, virtual pregancies, anime look, anthropomorphic animal builds... Look what you are after and then compare the included options and weigh them with 3rd party market support - current market support that is (look at those release dates). Because there is at least one body around that was well supported by the 3rd party mesh cloth makers for a while but I would not dare to invest into it nowadays.
  11. Oh you should change the thread topic's name, what you are talking about is called Mircoavatars or Petites in the usual SL avi slang. Tinies is the word used to describe those cute little knee high bipedal animal furballs. Both Petite and Tiny originaly were used as brands but somehow people ending up calling all small humanoid avatars petites and all small anthropomorphic animals tinies. And for support: I only ever see 3rd party cloth for one single brand of them. Like with the full sized mesh bodies you have the choice between going cheap or having a 3rd party cloth market to support it ;-)
  12. Oh there's a funny extra little bit about mesh bodies texture layers: they are fitmesh like all the rest of the mesh body and mesh cloth are. So if someone experiences serious render lag, you never will know what appears first in the right place: your bits or your panties. Could be one is placed rather quickly while the rest keeps hovering near your right hand for a while... I took the time to read the original post again: It said nowhere the manager was camming up there. You just asumed he did, but most likely he didn't. The whole message rather read to me like meaning something along "If you wear that kind of daring dress, please let us remind you that we hope you better wear some panties beneath or we could run into a TOS problem here" ... Now that would be OK if it didn't contain another display of people having not the faintest idea about SL wardrobes. Because the message also implies that they seem to be OK with complete nudity under long unslit dresses (as if the bits would not show beneath there *headdesk* sh... hint: they still do and it still isn't PG)... Sorry folks, but if you like to do some wardrobe rules, buck up the Lindens to hire some managers who actualy understand enough of SL technology to know what they are talking about ;-) [irony mode] I have a great idea: wouldn't it be a great idea if we could ban all skirts and dresses in PG areas as we are never sure who wears panties beneath them and who doesn't[/irony mode]
  13. Sent you a private forum message with some less known skin stores, as I don't like to advertise any stores in public.
  14. Mesh bodies are not classic avis. The applier layers hover slightly above the mesh body and can cause some serious clipping problems. Mesh baking might fix it but honestly I'm not going back to appliers save maybe for tattoos or body paint. Yeah that kept me puzzeling as well. Why didn't you just click away the one part that people found offensive? I mean it was hovering there - unspuspendend in mid air - as the rest was alphaed away... no need to keep it visible.
  15. Erm, I tried the story, I really wished someone would have fixed the "build a flare" quest before trying to roast my GPU :-D
  16. Well men events have cars and furniture that isn't pink, and Blueberry has/had a cabin in group gifts,.... so those are absolutely unisex items and a perfect reason to be there in the first place. SL designers also seem to confuse hooker and biker outfit tags a lot (just do a MP search for female biker outfits to know what I'm talking about), so I got myself some XS sized male boots to ride the mainland roads. I like to stay informed while also being way to lazy to switch to my male avatar just for shopping at a men event. And besides that: the event labels can be misleading. I was at a fair dedicated to lesbians when I discovered a pretty well done barber's chair for men there. Did I expect that kind of item there? No! Would I have minded a male avi hopping by to buy that really nice chair? Hell, no again! The designer did a perfect job on it, he/she deserves the sales. Back when I was still managing a club we had one male DJ who wore high heels and didn't drag dress ... and believe me, those heels looked great on him. I also know a crossdresser who is constantly complaining about the inavailability of girly dresses for male mesh bodies. SL is about expressing ourselves, sometimes outside of the limits of RL restraints. Please let us shop in our prefered avatars, as long as we do not disturb you or your customers. I often shop as a small feral kitty. Yes kitties cannot wear all those nice cloth or use any of the furniture, but one of the main reasons I do is: it is pretty low in complexity, I do not want to bother my fellow shoppers with unneccesary render costs. TLDR:Don't judge a book by the cover, they could have all kinds of legit reasons to be there ;-)
  17. Yeah that would be fun, don't get me wrong I have absolutely no problems with store representatives at fairs in general. I just don't like it when the fair sims are already filled up to the maximum.
  18. So I came across this newest "bright" idea by some store owners. Some shops now apparently have store preresentatives residing at fairs... We all know how hard it is to access those first tier fairs nowadays, sims being crowded by everyone wanting to have a glance at the new items. Why would you want to further limit the fair access by having an avatar permanently taking up a slot? Dear store owners, I have absolutley problem with you not wanting my Lindens, I will gladly toss them elsewere if you annoy me... ... but at least have the decency to let me toss them at your fellow store owners who also have a booth at the fair.
  19. Now that would be a funny LEA project, a PG AFK city to explore and of course to idle, donate your AFK self to make the city look alive.... but I doubt that earns the AFK-ers any tips...
  20. I used to visit one of those places playing the Lindo game there (yes the irony is hillarious, I was earning Lindens while being semi AFK at an AFK-sex place because they have so much competition - they have to pay us flower-watering and fishing semi-porfessional extras to bump their traffic...) I better keep an eye at which places I do Lindo at now... whow that risk never came to my idea
  21. Downtime makes me finally write something on the forums though ;-)
  22. What do you mean with "strong system of houses" Lamyae? Many Adult sims I visited just had those informal carebear mentor types like G or M sims do, and they do a pretty well job that way. Forcing poeple in houses sounds a lot like that gor-ey stuff to me...
  23. ... there is a winged angel, a winged demon, and a horse rider each for both sexes, they are bento animated, the bodies are not, but the wings and horses sure are. I have no idea what Lewis calls "bento mesh" but those attachements are bento mesh (and the angel wings look way better than many bought ones) female riders are Rhiannon and Thomas, angels are Anna and Marcus, and female demon is Elleria, no idea how the male demon is named though
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