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  1. Thank you both for helping me with those misconceptions.
  2. But the OT has an important point there. How do we complain about bad or fishy creators? Let me tell you something from my experience: There is this shop owner who tried to seduce me, and I have the strong suspicion he does with every well looking female that enters his store. But his ass is covered as he can hide behind the invulnerability of IMs. RLs has a cascade of legally protected interests in most civiliced countries, allowing you to break an inferior valued interest to protect one of higher value... but SL does not have this cascade. What can I do? I asume nothing, in RL that shop would by now be closed, because some SJWs (yes they are not always bad and good for some things too ) would have most likely made shopping there a living hell. Let's spin this ideas further: Let's asume someone reveals something illegal to me in an SL IM. I could not even warn fellow SL residents about that illegal stuff I was just told about in the IMs because those still are protected. I can file an AR on the IMs, but I could not warn fellow residents and would have to wait until the Lindens reacted, right?
  3. Sorry. no idea, but I would search in poses. Most likely those hair won't look anything good outside a pose, so I'd start looking there
  4. .... another good reason to invest some Lindens in copy enabled items =^.^=
  5. No, that would make absolutely no sense. Faked and hyped surveys have way more participants... (example? Look at what happened when 4chan tried to influence the design your own burger awards at that German fastfood chain)
  6. As far as I know, the UK has done so before, with a complete ban of "violence related porn" so even under current juristiction by now there should be no British Goreans left =^.^= ... I doubt anything will happen soon worst thing that could happen is: UK persons could be blocked from accessing adult sims like certain states now cannot access skill gaming regions. But as said: I doubt it will happen. [shameless plug™]There's always the emmigration option, people with good English skills are always needed around the world (sorry for the Cockney folks, but cuts need to be made...)[/shameless plug™] EDIT: just read the independent article on it again, OK so far only "violent" porn produced in the UK was affected, which makes it complicated to guess if somone usinga keyboard consumes or produces content (no lawyer here, could be interpreted both ways)
  7. Hello heongost, only the parcel owner in Prout's Neck will know, maybe you are only banned in one parcel. Maybe you are banned in the whole sim. Mabye you are not banned at all, but someone limited access to specific groups, like "payment info on file" or "avatars over a specific age" Just move on... Sim and parcel owners can ban you for whatever reason they like, they are not under no obligation to tell you why either. Asking them might either give you a reply that tells you why or just some silly excuse or you might even anger the landowner... Hence my tip: just move on... try coming back in some weeks or month.
  8. Wait? Those are 10 persons who voted? You know what the only statisticaly reliable result of the poll is in this case? People are not interested in your poll ^^
  9. Fionalein

    Custom Tattoos

    yes in commerce subforurm the wanted channel will most likely be the best place, nots ure if you can amrk your own post and ask mods to migrate it over.
  10. LOL, good way to invest into an infrastructure that almost no one will ever use if it costs. Please please tell me at least someone with some business sense (no not someone with a business degree) calculated that one through. PS: it might be a neat premium perk though, 1 free namechange on signup
  11. Just empty your profile and request a delete, all people will ever know is: Your avatar name was already taken, the user is't active anymore, well and this forum post, nothing else will remain for the public. But speaking of this post: why do you quote this old thread and not ask a question yourself?
  12. Of course, just "take" the boxes instead of "take a copy" other approach: Edit content and drag out the no copy to your inventory. I find it convenient to keep my no copy stuff in seperate "no copy items" boxes. Also be sure to never try to rez those on tuesdays or in unstable sandboxes
  13. Quite the opposite in fact: it means way more lag, less traffic equals more server time for your shoppers and your store's scripts
  14. I wonder how that affects virtual trafficking, like Gorean roleplay. Guess we have to wait for some judges to sort that out =^.^= *readies popcorn*
  15. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    It looks it is always just the wheels, (well with cars it can be doors too, abnd bikes somtimes suffer from dissapearing forks) I'd say to hell with it and use high LI wheels instead. If the bike increases by 10LI to 15LI and keeps looking great that is a price I'd readily pay as a customer.
  16. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    hehe, my vanity forbids me to use items that don't work at LOD factor 1.5, because half of SL runs on old computers... what is the use of showing off your vehicles, if they fall apart for those who watch you? Thank you Chic and angeoco, found some nice onws in both stores now (I was short of giving up and really was considering rebuilding one with prim tires before I got the idea to post here) PS: I love the lone aley bug in your LEA place, nice and subtle way to quote her =^.^=
  17. Interesting, the only merchants I know about using this so far didn't have those demo lines, so it is an interesting way to do it (not the one I would do myself though).
  18. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    I see, another good LOD bicycle, ... I was actually looking for a motorized bike, but as your bike and mine clearly demonstrate: it can be done. That company also seems to have motorbikes, I'll take look at those, thank you a lot.
  19. I think the idea is to allow you to see it without those demo lines... but yeah I had that with a knight's set of armour. The time it took me to cycle through all the options had the center piece dematerialize.... You could try a demo rezzer in world, allowing for unlimited test time ... yes that will lead to a lot of people abusing your demo rezzer to just ride the vehicle. But also consider this: Your demo will be seen all across Linden waters... eventually someone will rightclick inspect it and want it Before I bought my two non freebie planes I testrode them across several sims, from one airport to another, taking off, landing, taking off again. Guess submarine buyers might like to do similar.
  20. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    "good looking" as in not falling apart into a bunch of triangles at LOD level 3 at default LOD weight. I would prefer a racing bike but I will gladly consider anything from a WWII military one, to an offroad, a chopper or even one of those superboring traveller's road bikes.
  21. Oh this one looks interesting, how many facial expressions does it translate?
  22. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    hello, Forum folks I'm counting your collective swarm knowledge to help me. I am still looking for a bike with good enough LOD to stay a bike at full draw distance (usually they loose tires long before at default LOD weight settings). I'm OK when they turn octagons at LOD level 4 but at least retain the tires. Come on, car designers, even plane designers manage to do it. Why are bikes only fully visible if the are close enough to lick them? There must be at least one decent bike designer out there, right? I would be happy if you could point some out to me, if not I'll stay happily with my LOD-stable bicycle =^.^= . Thanks in advance, Fio
  23. Earning Linden Dollars isn't that easy, fortunately you do not need many (But I know it's still great to have the shinier stuff the rich kids have). Small amounts of L$ can be earned in Traffic generating games, and I think there is also a guide by one Linden on how to earn inworld money (sad conclusion is though, fry burgers at your local burger bar and use the earned money there to buy Lindens will earn you better 99.9% of the time). As on wha to do? It is a simulator for life. Do what you always wanted to do in life. Learn sailing, fly a plane, get a pilot's licence, screw the paperwork and just fly without licence (YAY!!!). Just hop around a week or two, you might find stuff or stuff might find you, and all the sudden you are a member of some community you didn't even consider you could like before joining SL. It's all just people and interactions
  24. Oh bakes on mesh can also sniff out and copy classic layers? I thought it was just bakes in mesh @kassi I think Firestorm can do so. Sort by date, filter between two dates ... EDIT: No it can't I stand corrected, see LittleMe Jewell's post below
  25. Don't forget the really big stores who rent out small shops on their sims to new stores or other creators' sidestores.
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