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  1. should have slightly about 700 it is a double LI 1024m²
  2. + parts of nautilus city and kama city... horribly high - the horizons parcels are all normed square 1024s - your're lucky to grab one for 25k usually more, like 30k to 40k with the two parcels linked to Zindra seafronts going through the roof with 6 digit pricings. Has been a while since I looked Belarissa might have moved things a bit but I doubt.
  3. what i don't get here is they could easliy put it up above 2000 and let it stay there,...
  4. that would be more than annoying - anyone else expiriencing this?
  5. There are some restrictions on where you can set your home, I think it can only be on land you own or on land that is set to the same group you're in - maybe Linden infohubs are possible as well.
  6. Basically there is that funny widespread believe that avatars under 30 days are more nuissance than anything else. I have no idea where it come from and I consider it quite arrogant. I tend to avoid those places even now that I am much older. But basically there is nothing you can do - users can do in their own places as they please - just go elsewhere. Your scripts stopping sounds like something unrelated though. I had that when I crashed in certain sims - but never as annoying as you seem to have. Also a security device should never be able to log you out of your viewer... my assumption is that you crash on the forced teleport home. Btw. where do you log in again? maybe you start out in a no script zone,...
  7. So it's a gambling den? Würfel actually means dice - a cube would be a Kubus. The word Würfel is just used as synonyme for cubes in common speech because most dice are ... well cubes. Würffel with 2 f however must clearly be a name as that spelling variant isn't legit otherwise.
  8. Or maybe it is a new incarnation of the cornfield - where penitent avatars get their homes moved to after negatively affecting the community? =^.^=
  9. actually extra stacking slots of attached stuff would make a nice premium perk ... by the thus increased risk of loosing more stuff on TP public entertainment would also benefit =^.^=
  10. If you never whispered behind someone's back you must have missed out on a lot of social interaction...
  11. I found anything beyound " a few minutes" to be overly optimistic - I tend to go with a rate near that. No, it will become a Dollar value credit in your account you can use for your next try. (account credit will become substracted first before your paypal gets used) As for fees on canceled purchases? No idea, maybe @Lindal Kidd knows more.
  12. That and inexistant mainland covenants... if money were no issue I'd always prefer a well managed private cluster.
  13. Please remove the chat transcript as that is against Forum rules... you can however submit the chat transcript in an abuse report you send to the Lab:
  14. That only works if they can pull it off in a reasonable timeframe ...
  15. Though I don't get the reason why - we have to accept the Tilea TOS now - why have a no more responsible Linden explain it to us instead of a Tilean?
  16. ... or consider going premium ...
  17. ... but have no idea how to solve the situation either - or they had one but it didn't work...
  18. The problem is the current situation encourages this insane behaviour - you apparently only have a real chance to get a home when you are at least as dedicated as the competition. By asking people to calm down you only sleightly increase the chances of those who won't listen. Why should the Lab care about the home availability? Regular people will just become disillusioned by the current process. Belarissa was meant to be an incentive for folks to go premium - by now it however has become a discouragement for may to continue or to sign up instead.
  19. Like everything Slyvia recently says on the Forums regarding Linden Homes ... if one does not stand the echo one should stop shouting - I'm out.
  20. Sylvia brought up her father herself with a very questionable quote by him ...
  21. Oh come one -stop advising people not to want a home so desperately when you already have one - that just feels wrong.
  22. The biggest "advantage" of the current system is that it keeps the customers believing they can get one of the new homes with a realistic chance. A lottery already implies that not everyone will get lucky.
  23. nice wall of text from one who got a home ... those words are easy to say in your position
  24. And we all know how well that went for Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV...
  25. folks like those are the reason child avatars are almost never allowed anywhere - fo revey child avatar that behaves like a decent human being there is another one that thinks they have the god gven right to drag you into their roleplay
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