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  1. no - actually there have been at least 3 similar threads before all torpedoed into deletion by people who already had a home* ... *don't ask me for the logics on that please - just my observation
  2. and you skipped all the predecessors like mesh bodies with exchangable static hand poses... or face flipping heads
  3. that would actually cause more unrest than the recent Homes dilemma - not sure they ever want to cause such a thing again
  4. you must have missed out a lot of recent threads drake
  5. obviously not a passionate billard player that one
  6. Sorry folks - please calm down. No normal person can know those threads ever existed if their half-life duration is even too short for google to pick them up. I have a totally revolutionary proposal: Maybe we could keep the verbal abuse down a bit and they might survive longer?
  7. Yes, other than e-mail it is a legaly binding document in my country ...
  8. A company would not care about such things as hurt feelings - they are not certain forumites - more likely it is the following reasoning: A happy refunded almost customer has a much higher chance to become a customer again once sufficient homes are released than the chance of a disgruntled customer is to stay in their subscription as long or to return.
  9. You don't by chance have a link to that info? Would be a nice gesture by the Lab indeed.
  10. Was it? Or was it an answer without using words? Sorry but if this action created rumours they were self-inflicted.
  11. You might be using a proxy or a shared IP by your ISP with someone who constantly refreshes ...
  12. Not everyone they attacked did that, sorry that simply is not true.
  13. But will they have the time for a railway? .... And come on - as if the current theme wasn't ... 50s USA - that was the heyday of the railroad hobos. But do you see a station?
  14. Which says a lot about those regions and wether you want to be near such owners
  15. I rather suspect a variant of the jump hug HUD... they can do that without you putting out furniture for them...
  16. LOL Do they come with a free mesh house? Do they come free of price? you're comparing apples and oranges here ...
  17. start by making an applier from the robin templates itself and see wether they really line up - if they don't you know where you have to tweak your tattoos etc.
  18. the Lindens assure us every AR gets a view - sadly this means yours (a case of trolling if i read it right) has to wait in line until it is due to be reviewed. Governanvce Lindens only appear in world once the AR is at least in review or even decided upon - there is no shortcut for faster ARs by IMing them - there should not be for equality's sake. Sad as it is trolls like the ones visiting you are all around SL - everyoe reporting thenm is treated the same - as is everyone who files an AR for inferior reasons as personal revenge (the Lab cannot know in advance wether an AR is valid or not).
  19. as far as I understood everyone has to agree If you ever try a Limit Buy you will be affected - you will not realize it, but legally you will. The only way to stop Tilea would be not to log into SL from August 1st forth - hoping enough others do the same for the Lab to change their mind... let me tell you something about human nature: This won't happen
  20. The lack of empathy of those that already have a new Linden Home is alarming... does that get issued with the Homes? I agree it is just a pixel home but why should that devalue people feeling treated second class premium if they don't get one? They payed the same as you but don't get the same service. I have another proposal: if it is really nothing worth worrying about as you all say - how about evicting everyone from their places again until there are enough for all? ... Oh you don't agree? Then please stop complaining that people worry about something as unimportant as a pixel home.
  21. Patch just made clear this won't work anymore anyways
  22. While generally a good idea some people again will not be happy with it. Worse yet - it could lead to communities of molespotters who just wait for telltale signs of new regions going online....
  23. Lots of creators started on basic accounts - some even stay and prefer renting for more from private land barons... Nevertheless they all contribute to the Lab's wealth - a specialiced account required would just drive more away
  24. No worries - no need to hurry. No one buys those parcels - at least a third of them is held by land sellers and constantly "on sale".
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