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  1. If you already about to hack AVsit... just replace the expression name in the AVpos NC with a bento face animation you also drop into the furniture... still only works in your own stuff... UPDATE: curious kitty just tested with smile, llGetAnimationList (<-click for da wiki) can detect running expressions... just write your own mini AO constantly polling for expressions and copy the animations you extracted form your catwa head into it so it can trigger them when appropriate - no need for spamming channels... PS: for the script conscious... check wether you are sitting first with a longer sleep interval if not sitting so the script eats less script time
  2. Only Lab employees are there without having a choice, the rest of them must have reasons to stay
  3. I am utterly confused though... Their new body is called Legacy, while their legacy body is called ... darn they forgot to provide a new fancy name for it... and now folks are not supposed to be confused. There wasn't a smarter name to choose?
  4. I think you missed a critical step - wouldn't the skin also be painted on the outer layer then?
  5. that is true, believe me we will see one bakes optimized skin per body option from skin designers worth their salt, however it will have some benefits: no more battling alphas (see your tattoo below your lace lingerie/wet tshirt) combine tattoos and makeup no more flickering tattoos at high altitudes and last not least: freedom to choose to look crap again with old system cloth No it affects everything... but tattoos and system cloth don't instantly look crap. Most of them are designed in ways that they won't be affected by this. They can however, critical areas are body folds and 3d elements like nipples and bellybottons... A pair of pants with the fold shades painted in another place than they appear on your body will not look well - as would a misplaced belly button circling tattoo. It is even worse with heads. Nostrils shades painted below your nose will make you really look creepy.
  6. They would have to make sure everyone who wants one can get one... The Uber-Premium perk should also be something tempting but new... doubeling existing features of Nautilus City, Bay City, Kama City and Horizons would lead to people doing that horrible math thing and going for the cheaper option.
  7. Buy a quality sailboat with the option to turn masts non-physical (yes not good for immersion but good for sailing). Alternatively get a fitting houseboat to accomany your house float - I found no problem steering my houseboat below those bridges.
  8. DAMN! We did it wrong all the times... Norman understood the minds of his followers, telling them once is simply not enough ... Why do we even argue with them? Logics is not what will get us there... it is a waste of energy. We just gotta tell them: "You are plain wrong!" and repeat ourselfs until we outnumber old Norman's repeats of: "... is the natural order of things."
  9. Look up old forum posts on controversies about a private resident commitee running a "semi-official" event... I have this vague idea you might find your answers there.
  10. Might it be a historical thing? Was it there before conferences?
  11. Accusations of envy are often just expressions of vanity. ...dem darn circles
  12. AFAIK e.marie has some FP hold anims as free gifts but I do not know the TOS of her creations. Try contacting her (store owner is EmilianaMarie resident)... Until when do you need the animation? I have a job interview tomorrow, but after that I can fire up QAVIMATOR beta in Wine and create you a simple one.
  13. Simple solution: Quit accepting performances. As long as you comply with whatever they toss at you, you will have to accept it. If you had told them "Under those circumstances I cannot perform" and stated your needs they would have had to find someone else or give in. You however seem to have accepted and knew what was coming for you...
  14. Ughh nooo IMPOSTERS EVERYWHERE! Sorry Ziggy, but claims at having the only authentic feral cat avatar on a whole contiment has the same taste of that fabled "Belliserean community spirit" I find so appaling when people in other threads make fun of those without houses yet ...
  15. Ok now I listened to this "important" podcast. Sorry to ask you Jo and Drax, but can I have, my time back now? I simply don't get it. Now we have yet another thread discussing all the things we already said elsewhere again...
  16. thank you, What else did you think all these blogs and vlogs were all about?
  17. Humbug! If they rent land it might be a resident to resident business but most of the Lindens will be converted to USD balance mostly used to fund land tier of their landbaron (who will of course keep their fair share). Most of the land rent money will somehow find it's way back to the Lab. It isn't as much on whom the Lindens get spent but much more on what they are spent. That is exactley what the cashing out increase now tries to adress. Only by taxing out more on other forms of SL incomes that do not rely on land use land upkeep can be made cheaper (something residents have demanded for ages). It is totally beyond most resident's grasp why they could easily afford a server for most 3D games out there but a sim - which only runs on a single node of a server - is way beyond their financial capabilities. If the Lab wants to make owning or renting whole sims more attractive prices must go down much more than the current decrease and those losses must be compensated otherwise. So they increase tax on those who actually make money in SL. This needs not even be a loss to creators... if more folks own sims more folks will buy stuff - thus theoretically compensating creators for a higher tax. However this process has to happen gradually and in small steps. If the Lab radically changed the business model of SL in a single step it would be pitchforks all over and end in a mass exodus.
  18. I think it is the same vendour 3 times to handle the initial demand... past giveways were taking quite a toll on the sim.
  19. It depends on how you read your fellow Bellisserian's postings . You suddenly claim community areas are all mole owned - so please explain: how do you call the resident owned open access clubs, cafes and else which are dedicated to the community? What else are they but another type of community area (albeit private owned ones)?
  20. did someone already page the Patch on this? @Patch Linden
  21. So private installations in Belliseria are inheritently better now than elsewhere, or what?
  22. And how would the community elements "worthy" enough to be interacted with picked? This is wrong in so many ways... I like to choose with whom I interact on SL. You are free to do that stuff in your private community group events - but in a Lab-run event I would rather not be forced to interact with a private resident and/or their installations (and I am not alone on this, just look up last winter swagginator's controvery on including private sims in the hunt).
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