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  1. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/proxy if someone else would gamble for you that would be a proxy ... probably illegal to gamble by proxy if you are forbidden to gamble yourself - but with the US legislation you never know.
  2. Music events and hunts at gambling sims? When did that happen? My only contact with those was when they put out traffic attractor games and Polenth's description pretty much hits the spot. I would wish skill gambling regions would be something worth to look at but I really cannot say they are.
  3. Yes I am - number of keyboard keys simultaniously detected is usually a hardware limitation of your keyboard itself though - simply get a better one (gaming keyboards usually tell you that number on the package)
  4. they told you working in old code by someone else was hard - they omitted the fact it is always hard no matter who wrote it - doesn't help a bit if it was yourself
  5. Well at least you never got to a point where you knew what to write but could not even explain to yourself why you have to... "//no idea why but this seems to do the trick" is the best comment ever and one I use quite often...
  6. trivial, 2/3 there are 3 possible cases for a blue card up (each is as likely as the others) we can exclude the 3 cases of red side up top of bicoloured card top of full blue card bottom of full blue card in 2 of 3 cases the bottom is also blue □
  7. Fionalein

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    Wait till next year's Fantasy Faire and bid on one in the Jail and Bail charity event... you will still be faster than many
  8. I can confirm that - I usually cannot see my own online alts ... and I am pretty sure I am not hiding my online status from myself...
  9. If that is your experience , maybe you should have picked a better university.
  10. report it to the Lindens and explain why you want it deleted
  11. No there isn't, but there is a world wide money redistribution trend - effectively killing the middle class. It has the same effects as a recession for 99% of the population...
  12. some gestures are mod however, you could modify those to a function key* trigger on your keyboard if that helps you... *F1 to F12 with some hoverver already occupied, F1 pretty sure opens help
  13. @Lawrence Celestalis ... how did you move on from apparently not even knowing about the 1000 USD per annum rentals in the indiegogo campaign to having a technicaly legal explanation for them in such short time? I have a hard time believing this. With that said I'm out of here... Good Luck with saving the project!
  14. kinda, you can pack up items in "boxes" that is inworld objects - best practice might be to at least seperate no copy from copy items
  15. Pro tip free of counceling charge : If you keep repeating the "we operate legally" like a parrot even when not asked for ... no one will believe you
  16. And you could not relay that tiny but important bit of information earlier? What kind of spokesperson are you?
  17. from non profit discount TOS wiki entry ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Education_and_Non-Profit_Discount_Terms_and_Conditions ) : The Discounted Regions must be used for primarily non-commercial purposes. For avoidance of doubt, Discounted Regions (or any parts thereof) may not be subleased. it does not mention the methods of that leasing wether out- / or in-world
  18. There have been court rulings in the past that reward driven crowdfunding campaigns can be considered a regular consumer transaction under certain cicumstances - with all the liabilities involved in those. PS: AFAIK France has one of the customer friendliest crowdfunding laws worldwide ...
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