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  1. Security orbs are dishonest and sneaky compared to banlines. Banlines are honest and straightforward. When traveling mainland I never have problems with banlines - just with security orbs - if anything should be discouraged it is the use of those orbs.
  2. Nope, apparently after the SPAMpires started getting some flak they started some weirdo 'honour code' thing that kept you from SPAMming and paying your pyramid fees instead. Funny enough some even seem to take punitive actions upon those who brought begging vampires into the families... It's all a big mess LOL.
  3. Stop sabotaging threads - YOU and none other brought up the matter... it could have been utterly avoided but you chose to bring it up - please stop flaming in order to get threads closed which you don't like.
  4. Those are the best,... as if turning up didn't clearly proof I found the shop already... if you want to remind me to store a LM give me a popup greeter menu that just offers me one (I usually see them with group invite, store LM and no thanks options) I also wish Casper would offer to disable that delayed LM tossing on an invidual basis - same logics as above - I bought something there - please don't try to tell me where the store is after a purchase - do you think we are stupid?
  5. Like placing personal ads in a Forums section not meant for personal ads?
  6. This article shines some new light on the matter: http://slnewser.blogspot.com/2019/07/hangars-liquides-crowdfunder-passes.html Obviously they had an invoice due August 1st by LL over half the kickstarter target. Leaves me to wonder how much is left to operate the regions now...
  7. If this is true it is actually very sad - ARs should be treated equal no matter how many people file them - either there is a TOS violation or not ...
  8. Wait - I have to submit to someone to wear leather and sparkly? Who says that?
  9. ... that makes me wonder- will Tilia have a seperate Support ticket system?
  10. Some adult stuff can autohide in non adult places... Maybe someone could script an RLV addon that auto-Ruths you in G/M sims...
  11. + 10% premium bonus allotment + owners I think the highest I ever saw was either 109 or 112, cannot remember the details though and yes it was laggy as hell. PS: what actually is posible is 400 people tuning in to the stream however (from other regions/outside SL)
  12. Maybe once enough unclaimed caravans are around the LDPW can claim "New Linden Homes demand was met. Need proof? Unclaimed Caravans." ... On a serious note, no idea - Forums people are all crazy about them though - but I doubt a significant number will switch to them when the time comes. Only time will tell ...
  13. Ho dare you gnaw at the 'valuable' premium perk
  14. I usually try to translate their gibberish to Latin script - I can read 4 non Latin scriptures - all those letters have a meaning. Much more fun.
  15. Why create uneccessary competition?
  16. Maybe a typo, 40 would sound more believable - I never saw more than 150 avatars at once , not even at the firestorm major events area which would feature that 4 sim corner setup @panterapolnocy mentioned. However really crazy stuff like SLXB events maybe could have that big number
  17. I think it is a culture thing. Many guys from Asia and South America run the good old A/S/L? routine from IRC in their first lines of IM communication, revealing theirs unasked and hoping you would do the same. Voice verification to them might be just a reassurance of neccessities of politeness - too bad out Western definition of politeness might differ.
  18. If I knew any I would not tell you but try them myselves ... don't expect too much of honest answers in here. Maybe lessons - works like dancing but you actually teach something and people might tip you.
  19. When everyone and their cat can buy them? Doubtful - quick hurry on to the next event.
  20. What's wrong in damning people that behave utterly wrong to one's own values? Tolerate them? Yes, that is what civilisation commands from us. But I reserve the right to judge them none the less.
  21. It is actually what most college people with just one or two programming courses in C++ do.
  22. No one spoke about harrasing them but you and Beth ... your inclination to see the worst in all of humankind shows again ... True here are folks obsessed with harrassing others but then there are folks obsessed with the very idea others might get harrassed.
  23. I think it has other reasons, like you spending more time and keeping textures more in cache in sims you are familar with.
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