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  1. Proove me he wasn't thinking about this when phrasing it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Treachery_of_Images
  2. Some definitions - both in dictionaries and even some country's legal ones might disagree. Before we can unite behind a single binding definition of the abstract concept "game" it's moot do discuss wether something is one or not.
  3. IMHO what you are saying here between the lines is: The basic problem here isn't waiting - the basic problem is the resulting inequality of accounts. Don't tell me "But there is soooo much more to a premium account than the Linden homes." LOL that might be true but it does not even deny the fact that some people get a service they payed for and otheres don't. Argueing that not everyone will find the same parts of a deal as usefull as others is not helping either. Everyone should get the same ability to get the services they payed for - what they then make of it is their decision. This unwanted feeling of inequality causes a negative feedback which might very well affect the Lab's incomes - and if they don't find a way to adress it quickly the losses from people downgrading their premiums accounts in dissapointment might very well outweigh the gains they got in subscriptions for releasing new homes. This effect won't be easy to revert either. Consumers are not rational things - they are emotional things. And emotions - once triggerd - are not easy to change.
  4. While true people have to learn this first and be faniliar with it - there's a good reason most viewers have RLV off by default or not at all.
  5. I cannot stop wondering: We already know meth labs are not acceptable in Belisseria Classic style - but what about now? I mean of you set out a trailer park like Lindens just did - you just have to expect "Dukes of Hazards" style moonshine distilleries, "Breaking Bad" meth kitchens and whatnot else associated with trailer parks (Want a look at the public image of trailer parks? Watch some Cosmo and Wanda episodes, where Timmy's friend Chester lives in one) I know alcohol and drugs are not moderate... You would expect people not to do them but the past has shown they will anyways - moderate mainland is riddled with publicly accessable drug dens and bars. So knowing this I really wonder how the Lindens hope to avoid the regions taking on that "trailer park chic" now that they are going to release it...
  6. I bet the head is no mod... you cannot descript a no mod item but you can get a sim owner (if you know one well enough) to fry the scripts into inactivity... the procedure is somewhere out there described in a blog but I cannot find it right now, if I remember correctly it involved inworld rezzing a copy* and frying the scripts into oblivion with the estate debug tools: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Estate_Menu *don't wory about anti rez scripts, they don't work in a proper no script zone
  7. I really really doubt they are prims - they might have some linked prims but should be mesh items.
  8. but.... then i would have to box it myself
  9. The history there doesn't by chance stop before/in 2015?
  10. No, happened to me at the Firestorm Gateway several times - but it changed - they don't check wether you are a newb anymore.
  11. And worse: there is nothing you technically can do - if you tell the welcome area crew about the incident you already are breaking LL TOS
  12. Did you restart your computer since? Win 8 and 10 usually do no real power downs anymore - you might have to look that up how to do that if it is some driver induced GPU memory corruption. While I have no idea where firestorm disc cache files actually reside in win - you only need to delete texture cache folder unless object geometry is broken too,.. For tech help on FS try the inworld Firestorm tech support group - they should be able to walk you through the process (log in with another viewer so you are free to delete stuff in FS whole people give you support)
  13. cache corruption If it goes away with a relog iot is the textures stored in your GPU If it stays after a relog your texture cache on the disk got corrupted.
  14. i think he just said something along "who said they all will be 1024s?" but i don't know what he might have said elsewhere... Now those small boating sheds they scattered everywhere in 512s would be a design people might actually grabbed - not so sure about the trailers...
  15. So this is what Patch actually meant when he hinted not all were 1024s? So much for superduper prremium homsies...
  16. Oh come on - as if the usual suspect's reactions to the complaints about the lack of houses were better - some of them are downright insulting.
  17. Yet that is how it is usually done in RL... The pic you posted as better example shows something that would not be done in RL - RL would have many more houses stacked together and their boating piers seperated...
  18. Errrr - when there are enough homes around this will not be neccessarry anymore. But look at the current rate of releases... what makes you think "years from now" is a bad estimate for that point of development? Don't forget "more privacy".
  19. Yup the new TMP is called Legacy while the lecacy TMP is called nothing whatsoever... confusion hurray.
  20. I just hopped there... editing the gifts tells you which have more than one ...
  21. Strange - in my case i have whole wardrobes made only by those "crappy" gifts... I understand not everyone is in a position to hand out tons of gifts but I am much more likely to shop from creators who's quality I know from gifts. From a marketing point those are better viewed as free samples rather than gifts. On those price camp (that concept is not new) or dollarbie items... designers please make me want them or I will stay with the real free ones.
  22. If you already about to hack AVsit... just replace the expression name in the AVpos NC with a bento face animation you also drop into the furniture... still only works in your own stuff... UPDATE: curious kitty just tested with smile, llGetAnimationList (<-click for da wiki) can detect running expressions... just write your own mini AO constantly polling for expressions and copy the animations you extracted form your catwa head into it so it can trigger them when appropriate - no need for spamming channels... PS: for the script conscious... check wether you are sitting first with a longer sleep interval if not sitting so the script eats less script time
  23. Only Lab employees are there without having a choice, the rest of them must have reasons to stay
  24. I am utterly confused though... Their new body is called Legacy, while their legacy body is called ... darn they forgot to provide a new fancy name for it... and now folks are not supposed to be confused. There wasn't a smarter name to choose?
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