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  1. is dangerous to show moving pics of Nic source: http://tylervigen.com/view_correlation?id=359
  2. old video basically says: server cost was too high
  3. What 64 bit windows? Maybe one of your libraries is not 64 so SL must run in 32 bit mode.
  4. Looks like someone missed an important part in the instructional videos... If you only buy 0L items you will have to scroll to the bottom of an ad page - those ads will not be shown if you buy somthing priced at least 1L - confusing? Yes much... that is why it should have been mentioned in those videos...
  5. They still could add one, here's an ages old solution.
  6. how fitting - I spotted a troll under the bridge nearby
  7. No it doesn't. She tries to point out the cards which are red on both sides don't matter anymore once blue got revealed.
  8. ...road is long enough to be abused as a makeshift airfield... =^.^=
  9. 1) 2/3 B) 2/3 ... But can someone please calculate that all to us in Bayesian notation?
  10. It has ÜMLÄÜTS it must be a metal venue =^.^=
  11. Why a support case? Why not even demand a Jira... Sorry, LindenLab ... it should be in your own interest to make reporting such stuff as steamlined and easy for us as possible ... Please rethink this procedure - Just imagine how many possible reports you might have missed out on just because people think "Wait? Go through all this trouble? ... No way!"
  12. Hi everyone - I just tried to enter a mainland region with 31 avatars in and could not enter it until the count dropped to 29... is there a new limit in place? I thought it was 40 for mainland.
  13. Yes I am - number of keyboard keys simultaniously detected is usually a hardware limitation of your keyboard itself though - simply get a better one (gaming keyboards usually tell you that number on the package)
  14. they told you working in old code by someone else was hard - they omitted the fact it is always hard no matter who wrote it - doesn't help a bit if it was yourself
  15. Well at least you never got to a point where you knew what to write but could not even explain to yourself why you have to... "//no idea why but this seems to do the trick" is the best comment ever and one I use quite often...
  16. trivial, 2/3 there are 3 possible cases for a blue card up (each is as likely as the others) we can exclude the 3 cases of red side up top of bicoloured card top of full blue card bottom of full blue card in 2 of 3 cases the bottom is also blue □
  17. Fionalein

    Premium account

    Wait till next year's Fantasy Faire and bid on one in the Jail and Bail charity event... you will still be faster than many
  18. I can confirm that - I usually cannot see my own online alts ... and I am pretty sure I am not hiding my online status from myself...
  19. If that is your experience , maybe you should have picked a better university.
  20. report it to the Lindens and explain why you want it deleted
  21. No there isn't, but there is a world wide money redistribution trend - effectively killing the middle class. It has the same effects as a recession for 99% of the population...
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