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  1. If it is survey bots, how can I stop them? I don't appreciate being apart of the survey, IF that even is what it is. It's creepy and not appreciated.
  2. Explain the same names, then! If it were people running about 50 different accounts within 20 minute intervals, then I'm sure I would know who it is by now. We never got closure on what clothing item it was, but as soon as we removed everything and unboxed new items and cleaned everything up, starter characters stopped coming to our home. Now the random accounts with repeated names such as "opetaritz" or "aciombridi" or "cononym" etc. are not easily removed, as blocking them or banning them doesn't work and they still enter the region. I'm no fool, I am aware that these random names pop up no
  3. By empty account I mean there's absolutely nothing there. Nothing in the description, no profile picture, not a thing. They wear nothing and are just invisible, with their complexity only being 100. I'd say they're survey bots but the specific names go anywhere we go, no matter where, and they follow to very obscure and not connected locations, not to mention our parcel. They also haven't appeared anywhere for our friends, in the same places they go when we're there. We had to change our clothes because something we wore had suspicious scripts in it which the bots were linked to.
  4. Not so recently, a bunch of empty accounts have been teleporting to the region that me or my partner is in, and then quickly leaving within a few seconds to a minute or two. It's apparent that they're bots because they are completely empty accounts with obscure names (yet recognizable after you've seen them about 15 times a day) and they have no avatar, nor do they move. We've had issues with bots in the past, but they had starter avatars and all we had to do was replace all our clothing. Now no matter what we do, these empty accounts find their way into any region to just teleport away moment
  5. I was hoping to purchase some lindens today only to be greeted with "Billing Unavailable" at the top with no way to purchase. Not sure what's going on because my partner and seemingly nobody else is having this issue. I have billing information set up on my profile and I've bought lindens countless times before and I've never had this issue. Any ideas for what might be wrong?
  6. Unfortunately not, he's trying to access the marketplace right now and all it does is send him back to the original page before he tried logging in, while he is still logged out.
  7. Hello! My partner, Ayyker, has been unable to log into the website all day. He's able to log into the viewer, however. Any idea as to how to maybe fix this, or should he contact support? I have to ask this question due to him being unable to sign in.
  8. Thank you, I moved to a better area and hid the textures in a smaller hidden part. Works perfectly, glad to have this knowledge for the future. 🙂
  9. After a good hour or two of fiddling with a script, I've gotten it to switch between 3 textures (the first and last one being the same texture so it goes back to normal) on a random interval. However, every time it switches the texture to the new ones, it goes blurry like it isn't loading. Is there something wrong with maybe my area having too many textures, or is it because the texture is too large and can't load when it switches very fast? This is on a mesh object as well. I've tried slowing the time it takes to switch textures in the script so maybe it could have some time to load, but
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