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  1. we post a lot of information to our members on facebook, which is still very current and has a lot of activity. We are across various of the newly created social sites but fact is, Facebook is still very active
  2. Sisters in SL is a women's networking group that helps women to meet other like minded women who want to share positive energy. We create events, spore the SL grid together and hold inspirational seminars. As the group grows, so does the staff. We have numerous positions available! Apply if you are interested: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfzEAx1TV_TvPiZgmBTcBMDAIm9ysQQ-qhcDgatBDX0eXCVMg/viewform Thanks, Aurora
  3. Sisters in SL was created in April 2019 which the hopes of creating a platform for women to form friendships. This has now grown to nearly 1000 members within 9 months and has also evolved to inworld. We hold seminars, events and explore the SL grid together encouraging positive and uplifting energy within the group. We are also now working on our 4th issue of Sisters in SL Magazine, which is seen as a Women's SL Lifestyle magazine for those who would like visual content around the work and topics we would like to raise to our members. As the group grows in members, we need to also grow
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