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  1. As Charlotte has requested, iwould be great to be able to offer input into some improvements for merchants on MP. - Store Manager/delegate as Blueberry said above, this is a game changer. - Bulk upload of images &/or an ability to apply the same image to multiple items. - improvement to the feedback/review system to make it fairer for merchants to take action where necessary when negative feedback is left before it is made visible to the public. - Improved search facilities/filters to make it easier to find relevant items
  2. I have blender + avastar (I'm just about to upate it to bento) but I have been using Daz Studio for posemaking.... A friend told me today that you can do bento poses for the hands in Daz but I'm not sure how this can be achieved as the sl avatar that I use to create the poses only has a bone in the hand, not the fingers. Does anyone know whether LL has released and updated SL avatar with the additional bento bones? I am guessing there must be but I haven't had any success so far in finding it.... I'm thinking I should probably just learn how to make poses in Blender anyway.... I can rig clothi
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