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  1. That’s really interesting. I bought mine (about a year ago) with USD, basically they just charged my account and I paid it, no L$ involved. That article is from 2011. I hope we don’t have to use L$ for your sake... cause then you have to transfer them out/pay a fee, etc. And, to clarify more, I guess what I was really told was that you always want to go through LL, with a ticket, not just pay L$ to someone, but nonetheless I hope we don’t have to convert back and forth all the time - blech
  2. I was told the exact opposite from a linden when I bought my GF sim. Is this a new policy? Is there any documentation they pointed you to? Does it still go through the LL process? I was told that’s the best/only was to get the server transferred to my account. Sounds really strange to me.
  3. Realize I should not have bothered with the 30k, since it’s easy to upgrade that! Whooopsie-daisy 😛
  4. in world: alphosus bainbridge email alphosus.bainbridge@gmail.com Thanks!
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