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  1. Yes, I require original mesh and if you'd like to discuss more, contact me in-world theeluna resident
  2. Hello everyone, I'm starting up a new event for shoes, which is called the Shoe Department. It's going to have shoes, shoe accessories and shoe add-on's like socks, stockings, etc. If you're a designer and are interested in applying, here's the application form. https://forms.gle/cy5dkkGuUurooATQ8 I'm also looking for a marketing manager that has experience. Please feel free to contact me in-world theeluna resident if interested or have any questions!
  3. Hello! Are you still looking for one? I'm currently a blogger and I've been looking for a job lately that's related to stores and blogging. If you're still looking for one, I'd be happy to talk to you in-world.
  4. discover windlights (Windlights affect the way the picture turns out even editing might not help sometimes if you choose the wrong one) find an angle that you like zoom in or out Ctrl Shift and Fn + 8 9 0 should be your bestfriends. try them. if you use black dragon, which i really recommend, You can rotate the camera angle, you can do so many much than firestorm. It may seem hard to use at first but once you discover it and play around with the windlight settings you'll get the hang of it. if you're wearing a colorful outfit or a busy pattern, dont use too colorful backdrops because they'll distract away the attention from whatever you're wearing (take it from a blogger). You might wanna try simple backdrops and vice versa. Try adding elements to your picture. I came to a conclusion that people like a detailed picture on flickr. If you think you're picture is missing something add an element like birds, a piece of furniture, pets, etc. You can play around with windlights and make your own by going to environment and edit sky. depth of field is helpful too if you want to blur your surroundings in a picture without just blurring it on photoshop (really helpful tip). You can use it when you go on ultra, or you have all the graphics checkbox checked. I hope it was all helpful! I'll add more if I come across more!
  5. I'm open for commissions if you need one contact me in-world
  6. Hello, I'm a blogger and a photographer, and I'm looking for a job other than ESCORTING on sl. A paid job that's related to blogging is much preferable. I can also be a personal stylist or a blogger manager. I'd like to gain more experience in managing. I can also model, I put so much effort on my avi and I own almost every female body and I've got genus and lelutka Here's my flickr blog: https://www.flickr.com/photos/151417671@N05/
  7. theeluna


    try magika, truth, doux, stealthic, barberyumyum, monso, and miwas
  8. thanksss! I did but didnt know how to delete this one lol
  9. I'm looking to buy a full region NOT rent. Contact me in-world : theeluna Resident
  10. I want to purchase the region, NOT rent. Contact me in-world : theeluna Resident
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