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  1. Hello! I'm interested in joining a writing group. I write since I was 8 or so (I'm now 18), and I mostly write fan fictions, but when it comes to original stories I enjoy writing dramatic, romantic and realistic novels, I also like fantasy and supernatural creatures, so I'm also used to write about them
  2. Hello there, my name is Piper or Philip (I always said asking about your gender is a horrible question), you can call me whatever you like I've returned to SL after a year or so, mostly because I'm lonely IRL. I've been a couple of times here, but it never caught my attention since there was nothing I could have complained about in my real life, but it seems I'm now having the need to socialize with people of my kind. I'm a cloud-walker, my imagination is quite hyperactive and that may be the reason why I drop 75% of the things I do, if I had to say I'm an artist, I'd say that my most notorious talent is writing. I'm also into role-playing, but never tried doing a self-insert, I always role-played fictional characters (most of them were anime characters, yes, I like anime). Writing and roleplaying are, to me, a method to relieve my mind. I suffer depression since I was 12 almost 13 (now being 18 years old), but that's a long story, too complex and boring to explain. I'd like to experience new things by returning to SL, I'd like to find a place to call home, I want friends who appreciate me because I'm me and not anything else... Okay, I think you have had enough babbling from me, contact me if you'd like to be friends with someone as weird and emotionally unstable as me ^^ I might not be the sanest person in Earth, but trust me when I say that I get fond of people easily and I tend to do anything for a friend <3 P.S I wanted to post a photo of me but I didn't find a proper one P.S2 Excuse my bad English
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