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  1. Taken at Cape Poge, one of the awesome Islands of New England.
  2. I am currently renting a house in a well-run sim. This house has a typical security panel in which I can add, remove, or eject avatars and can view the history to see who has been on property. I have been adding friends to my list successfully however there has been one that I cannot seem to add. When I enter the name - just like I've successfully done with all the others and ensuring it's correct - it simply does not go into my list. No error, just doesn't appear. I've tried many different variations on the name (case sensitive or not, etc...) with no luck. Not sure what's wrong, I do no
  3. I am using the most current release of Firestorm Viewer for Mac on a Mac Pro running OSX 10.11.6 and recently installed a 3Dconnexion Space Navigator. When I plug in the Space Navigator, I can go into Firestorm preferences, enable Joystick, and it works beautifully - all without loading any drivers from 3Dconnexion. However... in order to use the device in my Architectural CAD software for my "real life" work, I need to load the 3Dconnexion driver (10.4.4, currently the latest & greatest). When this driver is loaded, the device works beautifully with my CAD software but Firestorm
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