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  1. @Theresa Tennyson @animats and anyone else still paying attention. It was definitely a RC version problem. I'm now on Second Life Release (64bit) and my gestures were instantly restored. If I feel especially generous time-wise to LL, I might re-install the problematic RC in a separate directory, then file a bug report from there. Or maybe I'll just enjoy making annoying noises at gatherings 😉 In seriousness, thank you all for your considered replies and the time and effort you've devoted to help me resolve this. In actuality, I definitely will re-instal
  2. @Wulfie Reanimator I investigated following your suggestion: the problem persists on every parcel, regardless of my group rights, which run the gamut from Estate Manager to mere visitor without even rez rights. @Jet Dallas I'm attaching a screenshot of my sound settings. To anyone who is following this thread: One of my friends in-world said they had run into something like this once before, and it came down to a migration between asset servers, and the problem resolved when they relogged after an overnight wait. I have logged off and back on half a
  3. Thanks for the suggestions @Wulfie Reanimator I will definitely look into that. Added data point: I am informed by people near me that they can hear my gesture sounds, even though I cannot.
  4. Between Sunday and today, all of the gestures in my inventory have become broken, and all in the same way: They will do chat and animation, but all of the sounds have disappeared. When I select the drop down list, I get a short list of sounds, which hardly matters, because I can't select any of them. No matter which I select, the "selected" sound goes back to -- None -- I use the LL standard viewer Release (64bit) I bought a gesture on MP that came with sound, and it was immediately broken exactly the same way as all my others.
  5. I was "offered" an update to my RC install. I accepted it, but pointed the updated code at my original SL directory. The update seemed to go smoothly until near the end, when I got an error about dullahan host (please accept spelling errors) "Abort, Retry, Skip" With that dialogue still active, I went to my MalwareBytes dashboard and turned off all of my "Real Time Protection" options. Then I hit "ReTry" on the error box that popped during the installation process. The rest of the installation went off without a hitch. So, MAYBE, this is a MalwareBytes issue?
  6. I've just walked through nearly the exact experience of the original poster, except my issues were with the latest mandatory update to (64 bit default Windows release). Before coming to this thread, I tried uninstall reinstall, no luck Then I tried another uninstall, and now I can't even uninstall. And further, the contents of the folder C:\Program Files\SecondLifeViewer are locked. Trying to delete or rename the folder gets me an error telling me the contents are in use, even when SL is not running. I had to create a new installation folder and download/install t
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